Prayers for Parents

A Young Child’s Prayer For Their Parents

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for my parents. I love my them both and I am glad that they are my mommy and daddy and I am glad that I am their child too. Thank You that they take care of me, and please bless them every day.

Please be with my daddy as he goes to work each day and keep him safe, and please bless my mommy who does such fun things with me.

Sometimes my parents have to discipline me when I do wrong things. I am sorry that I keep doing wrong things, I know that they are called my sins, but I am so glad that I know You Lord Jesus, and that You died for me on the cross to pay the price for all my sins and thank You that You rose again so that we could go to be with You in heaven.

Thank You, that You have given me my mommy and daddy to look after me and when I grow up I want to be like them and tell my children about You Lord Jesus. Please bless my mommy and daddy every day. 


Prayer Of Forgiveness For Abusive Parents

Dear Lord, my childhood was not the happy time that I would have liked it to be and my parents were certainly not the ideal example of parenthood, but Lord, I know that in their way they tried to do their best for us, but it always seemed to go sour.

Thank You, Lord, that in Your grace, You lifted me out of this difficult and abusive family life to faith in Jesus. I praise You every day that You found me and brought me into Your family.

Lord, I bring my parents to You. Life seems to have passed them by and they need to know Jesus as their Saviour. Lord, I know that You died for them as well and forgave every sin they have committed, for You are a gracious and loving God. I too want to forgive them for all that they did to me. I forgive both my parents, and thank You that in Your grace, You are taking me through a process of healing all the hurt and pain that I had to go through. 

Bless them both, dear Lord Jesus, and I pray that both of them will come to know You as their Saviour. In Jesus' name I pray,


Prayer For My Divorced Parents

Loving Lord, I bring both my parents to You, and though it saddens my heart that they chose to go through a divorce, I still love them both and pray that You would be gracious to them and draw them both closer into Your loving arms.

As they each forge their own path through life, be with each of them to comfort and help, to lead and to guide. Be their strength in times of weakness, their hope in times of discouragement and their provision in times of need.

Thank You, Lord, for my parents and the good times that we had together. Thank You for all that they taught me and the training that they gave me in my childhood and youth. Father, as they go their separate ways from each other, I pray that You would be their ever present companion and comforter in the days that lie ahead. In Jesus' name I pray,


Prayer For My Estranged Parents

Dear Lord, it is so hard to be estranged from the parents that gave me life and to know that they do not wish to see me or my family ever again.

Lord, I thank You for the life they gave me and the things that I learned from them. I also thank You that You found me and brought me into Your own heavenly family, for which I praise You.

Lord, I do ask that the day may come when we can be reconciled to each other and meet again in love and joy as families should. Nevertheless, whatever the future holds Lord, I pray Your grace and mercy would rest on their lives and that they too would come to know You as their precious Saviour. 

Keep them and bless them,Lord, I pray. In Jesus' name,


Prayer For My Unbelieving Parents

Father in heaven, I bring my dear mother and father to You, those who brought me into this world and gave me the gift of life. I do thank You for all the loving support and care they have given me throughout my life, but I am also aware that they do not know the Lord Jesus as their Saviour.

I do praise You that in Your grace You searched me out to become Your child, and gave me the gift of eternal life, but Lord, I long that my parents also come to that same saving faith in Jesus. The older they get, the more I realise that without You they have a sad future. Lord, whatever it takes, I pray that in Your mercy, You will give both of them the sort of Damascus Road experience that Paul had, before it is too late. Draw them to Yourself I pray.

Bring them, Lord, to an understanding of Who You are and what You have done for them - that You died on the cross to forgive their sins - and all that they have to do is to believe on Jesus as their Saviour.

Use me Lord in whatever way You choose, to point them to Christ. Let me not speak out of turn, but let me not miss an opportunity to share the gospel with them once more. Father, I honour them as my parents and love them dearly, but Father, save them I pray. Draw them with Your love, so that we may all be together in Your eternal home. In Jesus' name,


Prayer Of Thanks For My Christian Parents

Loving Father, thank You for my wonderful parents and the love and support that they have given me throughout my life. Thank You, Lord, that You placed me in a family with parents that know and trust You, and for the example they have been to me throughout my childhood and into my adult life.

Thank You, Father, that they were chosen by You to be our parents and that You used them to bring me into a loving trust of Jesus, my Saviour. Protect them and keep them from all harm and danger, and grant them the health and strength as they get a little older.

Thank You, Father, for the joy of family life and the love and grace that I have received through being part my this family. Thank You that we are all one in Christ, and part of the heavenly kingdom throughout all eternity.

Give my parents the joy of drawing ever closer to You with each advancing year and Father, may I honour them in all things unto their lives end. I pray in Jesus' name,


My struggle of my life

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Lord, please help me to overcome my situation. My family abandoned me and they don't even care for me. Lord, you know how I feel, Lord you see my situation. I'm trying to become stronger in front of people, even though I'm not ok. I just pretend cos I don't want them to ask me if what has happened to me. But you know, I'll become strong because you're the one who is with me. As long as you are always there Lord, I feel like I'm not an abandoned child. I know the lord our Father will never leave me, nor forsake me. Lord I love my parents so much, please just gave them strength. Lord help them to face their problems every day, and put them in safe ways, just like you said in JUDE 1:21, I have loved you with everlasting love therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you. Lord I TRUST IN YOU, MY ALPHA AND OMEGA, AMEN, I LOVE YOU LORD
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Thank you for my parents

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Dear Lord, I want my parents to be happy & healthy in their old age..... Thank you Lord for their beautiful lives.......

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