Prayer Of Forgiveness For Abusive Parents

Dear Lord, my childhood was not the happy time that I would have liked it to be and my parents were certainly not the ideal example of parenthood, but Lord, I know that in their way they tried to do their best for us, but it always seemed to go sour.

Thank You, Lord, that in Your grace, You lifted me out of this difficult and abusive family life to faith in Jesus. I praise You every day that You found me and brought me into Your family.

Lord, I bring my parents to You. Life seems to have passed them by and they need to know Jesus as their Saviour. Lord, I know that You died for them as well and forgave every sin they have committed, for You are a gracious and loving God. I too want to forgive them for all that they did to me. I forgive both my parents, and thank You that in Your grace, You are taking me through a process of healing all the hurt and pain that I had to go through. 

Bless them both, dear Lord Jesus, and I pray that both of them will come to know You as their Saviour. In Jesus' name I pray,