Prayer Of Thanks For My Christian Parents

Loving Father, thank You for my wonderful parents and the love and support that they have given me throughout my life. Thank You, Lord, that You placed me in a family with parents that know and trust You, and for the example they have been to me throughout my childhood and into my adult life.

Thank You, Father, that they were chosen by You to be our parents and that You used them to bring me into a loving trust of Jesus, my Saviour. Protect them and keep them from all harm and danger, and grant them the health and strength as they get a little older.

Thank You, Father, for the joy of family life and the love and grace that I have received through being part my this family. Thank You that we are all one in Christ, and part of the heavenly kingdom throughout all eternity.

Give my parents the joy of drawing ever closer to You with each advancing year and Father, may I honour them in all things unto their lives end. I pray in Jesus' name,