Prayer For My Unbelieving Parents

Father in heaven, I bring my dear mother and father to You, those who brought me into this world and gave me the gift of life. I do thank You for all the loving support and care they have given me throughout my life, but I am also aware that they do not know the Lord Jesus as their Saviour.

I do praise You that in Your grace You searched me out to become Your child, and gave me the gift of eternal life, but Lord, I long that my parents also come to that same saving faith in Jesus. The older they get, the more I realise that without You they have a sad future. Lord, whatever it takes, I pray that in Your mercy, You will give both of them the sort of Damascus Road experience that Paul had, before it is too late. Draw them to Yourself I pray.

Bring them, Lord, to an understanding of Who You are and what You have done for them - that You died on the cross to forgive their sins - and all that they have to do is to believe on Jesus as their Saviour.

Use me Lord in whatever way You choose, to point them to Christ. Let me not speak out of turn, but let me not miss an opportunity to share the gospel with them once more. Father, I honour them as my parents and love them dearly, but Father, save them I pray. Draw them with Your love, so that we may all be together in Your eternal home. In Jesus' name,