A Young Child’s Prayer For Their Parents

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for my parents. I love my them both and I am glad that they are my mommy and daddy and I am glad that I am their child too. Thank You that they take care of me, and please bless them every day.

Please be with my daddy as he goes to work each day and keep him safe, and please bless my mommy who does such fun things with me.

Sometimes my parents have to discipline me when I do wrong things. I am sorry that I keep doing wrong things, I know that they are called my sins, but I am so glad that I know You Lord Jesus, and that You died for me on the cross to pay the price for all my sins and thank You that You rose again so that we could go to be with You in heaven.

Thank You, that You have given me my mommy and daddy to look after me and when I grow up I want to be like them and tell my children about You Lord Jesus. Please bless my mommy and daddy every day.