Prayer For Individual Persecuted Christians

Loving Lord, we live in an evil world and know that You are coming back soon for Your Church. Be with all those who are suffering persecution at the hands of so many that would destroy the truth of Your Word.

Help every man and woman, boy and girl that is going through some form of persecution today. May You guard and guide and encourage each one, no matter where they are. 

Give them the strength to remain firm in their faith, despite any physical, emotion or psychological pain they may have to endure for the sake of Jesus Christ. Protect and keep each one from harm and danger that stalks their path. Hide them under the shadow of Your wing, and support and strengthen them in the ordeals that they will be subjected to.

Let Your peace and joy and love reign in their hearts, and help them to walk humbly before You, as they identify with the sufferings that the Lord Jesus endured for them. And Father, may their lives, and possibly their deaths, be a fruitful witness. May the seed of Your love be planted in the hearts of their persecutors, so that their life may produce much fruit. In Jesus' name we pray,