Prayers for the Persecuted

For The Children Of Persecuted Christians

Oh Lord, we bring before You all persecuted Christians in so many parts of the world, and we particularly lift up their children, knowing that children can be so abused and ill-treated and used as pawns to cause their parents to falter in their faith.

Guard and protect all these little ones. Keep each one from any long-term psychological harm, emotional pain or feelings of bitter revenge that can result from the atrocities that they have had to go through and witness.

Protect every single life we pray, and we ask that You would intervene in any attempts to abduct the children of Christians and expose them to forced “corrective teaching” or “child labour” camps.

Lord, You were the one that said, "let the little children come to Me and forbid them not." I pray that each and every child that experiences some form of persecution against their faith, will be kept and protected by You, and brought at last into Your everlasting kingdom, where every tear and all pain will be wiped away, forever.


For Those Suffering Intolerance For Their Faith

Our Lord and Heavenly God, Who suffered and bled and died under shocking conditions and rose again into newness of life, we lay before You all the believers in Christ who for Your sake, are going through acts of hate and intolerance, that are ravaging the lives of so many Christians today, and in so many different parts of the world.

Comfort with Your grace, all those who are experiencing the hatred and intolerance of their fellow men, and give them the grace and strength to face whatever evils are being perpetrated against them.

Move I pray, those that are oppressing our brothers and sisters with compassion and mercy.

Let all who are suffering, know Your special closeness in all the struggles they are going through. Provide for their bodily needs, and sustain their spirit with Your heavenly grace. Fill their hearts with hope, knowing that You are with them in all things and will never leave them nor forsake them. In Jesus' name we pray,


Prayer For Individual Persecuted Christians

Loving Lord, we live in an evil world and know that You are coming back soon for Your Church. Be with all those who are suffering persecution at the hands of so many that would destroy the truth of Your Word.

Help every man and woman, boy and girl that is going through some form of persecution today. May You guard and guide and encourage each one, no matter where they are. 

Give them the strength to remain firm in their faith, despite any physical, emotion or psychological pain they may have to endure for the sake of Jesus Christ. Protect and keep each one from harm and danger that stalks their path. Hide them under the shadow of Your wing, and support and strengthen them in the ordeals that they will be subjected to.

Let Your peace and joy and love reign in their hearts, and help them to walk humbly before You, as they identify with the sufferings that the Lord Jesus endured for them. And Father, may their lives, and possibly their deaths, be a fruitful witness. May the seed of Your love be planted in the hearts of their persecutors, so that their life may produce much fruit. In Jesus' name we pray,


Prayer For New Converts To Christ

Loving Lord, we lift up our brothers and sisters that are being persecuted in so many places in our world and in so many inhumane ways. Lord, we lift up all new converts, all those who have accepted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour, knowing that they will have to face possible rejection and even persecution from family, friends and the communities in which they live.

Guide and protect them we pray, from all assaults of the enemy, in body soul and spirit. Lord, we ask that You would keep them from harm, and provide all that they need to sustain their lives. And Father, please provide the spiritual food that they need to grow in You and mature in their faith, so that their trust in You becomes strong and they are able to withstand the fiery darts of the enemy.

Give them the courage to face the future, knowing that You are with them and in them, and Father we thank You that You are growing Your church with the dear new converts to Christ. Be with them always I pray,


Prayer For Persecuted Christians In Prison

Loving Father, I lay each and every one of Your children that are suffering as a result of persecution in prison or hard labour camps. Father God, please be very close to every single one that has been confined to prison for their faith, and pour out Your life-saving grace into each life and heart.

May Your Holy Spirit permeate their being with Your peace that surpasses all understanding, and may Your sustaining hope warm their aching hearts, knowing that they can draw near to you and that You are with them in the terrible ordeal that they are going through. Infuse them with a sense of Your closeness and presence, and may Your holy angels be ministering spirits that surround and support them every moment of the day and night.

Lord, I am sure that the doubts and fears that flood their minds during their capture must be shocking and far beyond what we, who have never had to taste such atrocities, can imagine. But in Your great love and mercy, pour in Your strength and support them with Your loving kindness and tender pity. May each one find in You the depth of peace and rest that their soul needs. Father, they are Your children and our brothers and sisters. Hold them closely in the palm of Your loving hands. In Jesus' name I pray, 


Prayer For Suffering Saints Worldwide

Our gracious God and Heavenly King, how we love and bless You for the grace that You pour out on Your children day by day. Thank You that we are Your children, and that You chose to humble Yourself by coming to earth, to die a cruel death on a cross, so that we might live in heaven with You, for all eternity.

Lord, we come to You interceding for our suffering sisters and brothers who have been caused to walk the path of persecution and pain for Your name’s sake. Work through the life of each one, that through them Your holy name be lifted up. Cause those that are inflicting such pain on Your body, the Church, to be brought to the place of true repentance. May they turn from their ungodly ways to discover the one true way to true forgiveness of their sins, and eternal life, through faith in Jesus Christ.

Thank You for the faithful witness of these dear, persecuted sisters and brothers in the Lord. Keep each one under Your banner of love, and may Your holy angels minister to all their needs so that they may know Your peace in their heart, a perfect peace that only You can give. And Lord, we pray that through the life-witness and testimony of each one You may be glorified. We commit each one into Your care. In Jesus' name,


I need his help in this time of trouble.plz I ask for prayer

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I ask Him to pls help in this time of need. I need his guidance and help. I ask this in his precious name of Jesus. Amen
Received: August 19, 2015

Rescue from a kidnapping

Prayed for 14 time. I Prayed For This

Dear Lord i lift my son Issac Samson to you. He Was kidnapped since 29-02-2012 at 8:15 am, He is working at GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL, Orangi Town, Karachi, Pakistan (South Korean-Run Hospital). And yet there is no news about him. May GOD bring him soon, Amen. 

Yunus Sadiq
Received: October 26, 2013