Prayers for the Suffering

Prayer To Be Used To Help Others Who Are Suffering

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your loving-kindness and heart of sweet compassion, and thank You that in my times of deep distress and suffering, You have gently brought other people alongside me, to walk with me through the different seasons of my life, to comfort and encourage, to help and to advise. Thank You for all those whom You have used to draw near to me, to be Your hands to help, Your arms to support and Your heart to love. Thank You that You never forsake us nor leave us comfortless, but so often send showers of refreshment through Your many faithful witness and other avenues of support.

Thank You, Lord, that You truly are the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, and I pray that just as You have used many of Your children to draw alongside me and accompany me through those troublous times, that You would take my life and use me as a vessel of comfort and solace to others, who are facing similar difficulties and are themselves in need of comfort and help. Use me I pray, to comfort others who are suffering affliction, with the godly comfort with which I myself has been comforted by You. I ask this in the name of Jesus,


Prayer To Endure Fiery Trials

Father, I want to lift up all my brothers and sisters in the Lord throughout the whole world, knowing that we are united together in Christ, through time and into eternity. Lord, the fiery trials and severe persecutions that are coming on so many of Your children, in so many parts of the world, are becoming increasingly intense and horrific, and I lift up each and every life that is facing the terrors that wicked men are perpetrating on so many of Your people. Father, each one is a member of Your family and we are all Your children and united together in the Body of Christ.

Look down in pity on all who are facing such fiery trials and persecutions. Help and support, protect and save, comfort and succor, and encourage and strengthen each and every one in their time of trial, and keep them we pray, from the hand of their enemies whose hatred against You is being poured out on so many of Your children.

May they find courage to stand fast in this evil day and may they receive Your sufficient grace in abundant measure. Multiply the grace to endure and may they find encouragement, assurance and hope in the knowledge that however intense their trials and troubles, they are but for a moment, but will produce in them a glory that vastly outweighs the present torment they are enduring, knowing that they are participants in the suffering of their Saviour. This I ask in the precious name of Jesus,


Prayer For God's Comfort And Strength In Times Of Need

Father, how I thank You that Jesus is my good Shepherd and is there to comfort and strengthen in times of suffering, sadness, pain and loss. Thank You, that Your rod and staff sustain and keep me, no matter what season of life I am passing through and no matter how difficult the times become.

I praise You Lord, for You are my strong tower, into Whose everlasting arm I flee for protection and safety, for You have pledged to uphold me with the right hand of Your righteousness. Thank You, that in the midst of suffering and distress, You have undertaken never to leave me nor forsake me, and when I face times of loneliness and isolation, Your promised grace is sufficient to carry me through.

Lord, I know that as Your child I am indeed blessed to be able to rest in You as my daily companion, my faithful comforter and my wise counsellor. Thank You for bringing me to this point in my life and for so patiently teaching me the lesson of Your never-failing faithfulness.

Use me I pray, to give like-comfort, companionship and counsel to other lonely and lost little lambs, who also need the strength of their good and faithful Shepherd. And continue I pray, to uphold and teach me more of Your comfort and strength, grace and love. In Jesus' name I pray,


Prayer Of Grateful Thanks For The Suffering Of Christ

Father of all mercies and grace, how I bless and thank You for sending Your Son to endure the degrading humiliation, cruel suffering and unjust reproach of those He came to save. Thank You for Jesus and thank You for all He endured for my sake, for had He not taken the cruel punishment for my sin, which I so justly deserve, I would be eternally separated from You my Father, and that is too shocking a thought to imagine.

Thank You for sending Jesus to be born as a man. Thank You that though He was Your only begotten Son, He became our gracious example, and humbled himself and learned obedience from the many things that He suffered throughout His life. Thank You for His wonderful example of learning obedience by the things that He suffered and for dying on the cross for the sins of the world, and for my sins too. My heart rejoices in reverent praise to You my God, and my grateful thanks will resound throughout eternity. Praise His holy name.


Prayer For Those That Are Suffering

Dear Lord, thank You for the many precious promises in Your Word that reassure us that the various sufferings that we face today are but for a short time, and are not worthy to be compared with the glory that will be revealed in us in the eternal ages to come.

Thank You, that the pain we must endure is but for a season, and will give way to joys that are unspeakable and full of glory, knowing that we have been promised an eternal rest, when all tears will be wiped from our eyes.

All glory be to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of all mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those who are in any trouble with the comfort that we ourselves receive from the Lord, how we praise Your holy name. In Jesus' name,


Comfort and Guidance

Prayed for 23 time. I Prayed For This
My dear Lord, you know why I had to leave him. But I went to check on him last night and he is such a broken man. My heart aches for the state he is in. He has given up on life and it pains me so. Lord I ask that you help us. Bring comfort and guide us both. Lord please bring peace to Alex, and to myself. Guide our lives to be what you would have it be. In Jesus's precious name, Amen.
Received: August 3, 2015

Heal the Sick That are having a rought time

Prayed for 49 time. I Prayed For This
Heal the ones that are In Pain and make them well again. Amen
Received: March 31, 2015

Prayer for Andrew

Prayed for 33 time. I Prayed For This
God, I ask that you help my nephew with all his suffering and life obstacles he faces every day. He has no parents and no love other than me and you. His heart is heavy with pain and sadness and I feel unable to help him or reach him. Please Jesus with all your love and light please guide him and show him is love and precious and life holds for him great happiness. Please show him ways to heal his pain and to feel he is worthy of this world and not unwanted, rejected and unlovable.
Received: March 13, 2015

Prayer for job

Prayed for 33 time. I Prayed For This
I always pray that god can give me a job cause my children are suffering
Received: March 6, 2015

Family problem

Prayed for 17 time. I Prayed For This
Dear LOrd I pray for my sisters family, her name is rajyakala, her husband name is karunababu. He is beating and hurting her and he is after other women, plz pray that their unity and peace in the family. Thank you.
Received: March 5, 2015

Financial problems

Prayed for 14 time. I Prayed For This
Lord, We are a family who lost their jobs on the mine due to the strike. We have lost nearly everything. If you can find it in your hearts to pray with us, for an escape from this financial mess, it would be appreciated. Help us Lord.
Received: March 3, 2015

Give me strength as I wait patiently on you oh lord

Prayed for 80 time. I Prayed For This
Oh my heavily father, for I am a sinner that turned from your ways, and you have never left me not once. Sin has consumed me but my heart knows that I belong to you oh master, and I wait in the loneliness of my room for you to come and clean me once more. I hear your voice speak to me and I feel your so close but yet so far, and I can't break the habits of sin, and even in sin I never cease to stop speaking of your Holy Name. I'm in deep suffering and misery oh lord because I'm in waiting. I know that in order for gold to shine you must put it through the firing furnace and because a God who loves his children will discipline his children. All I ask is for peace through this horrible storm, even if it's for a short time, in Jesus name I pray amen.
Received: February 2, 2015

I wish I was never born

Prayed for 131 time. I Prayed For This
Jesus, I wish I was never born. A dark cloud is in my heart. Everyday I cry inside. I ask that you forgive me. I ask that you once again give me a reason to live. Life seems to drag on like molasses. I need your help! I'm sorry. You are my best friend, Jesus. Don't forget about me, friend. I ask this in your name.
Received: September 21, 2014

Health issues

Prayed for 31 time. I Prayed For This
Dear God please heal my body. I am worried i am having a heart attack and i need your help. thank you for being there for me in everyway and all ways that you are. I love you with all my heart and all my mind and all my strength and all my soul.
Received: June 27, 2014

Prayers for immediate recovery

Prayed for 11 time. I Prayed For This

Dear Lord we know that you are the God of mercy and nothing is impossible in you. We believed that u are the fountain of life that flows in us, Lord God we pray for our brother chito sacayanan . Pls touch him oh Lord and heal him for what he is suffering at this moment. Pls Lord God pour out your mercy unto him. Let your healing power be manifested in him right now. We ask these through the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, àmen.

Received: June 17, 2014

Break through

Prayed for 19 time. I Prayed For This

Lord you are so wonderful,miraculous Thank you Lord for my life in this difficult situation I find myself in. Father help me obtain the means so I could be able to provide for my family. Help me to be able to pay my debts in Jesus's name I pray amen.

Tebatso Mokoma
Received: February 12, 2014


Prayed for 11 time. I Prayed For This

Lord you are so wonderful,miraculous Thank you lord for my life in this difficult country i find myself.Father help me obtain the means so i could meet my children back in africa.

Received: December 4, 2013

Prayer For The Philippines

Prayed for 10 time. I Prayed For This

Dear Lord, under this same big sky, I know there are people shivering in the cold and darkness - exhausted, hungry, thirsty, fearful for their lost pets, friends and family members and of their own safety. There are people who are sick, injured and are in pain - without their medicines or medical care. I ask our Merciful Father to shower them with love and compassion. Take away the pain and misery and give them hope and peace. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen,

James Teo T N
Received: November 12, 2013

Prayer for the suffering in the Philippines

Prayed for 18 time. I Prayed For This

As the mega storm strikes the Philippines, Heavenly Father, we join our prayers to the prayers of others throughout the world in united prayer. As the ocean continues to rise and the thunders roar, we will be still and know that You are the sovereign Lord over this storm. When we fear the worst, remind us to praise You in this storm because You are absolutely in control. When we are forced to sit back and watch the flood rise, give us the patience to trust because You never leave our side. Help those of us who are on our feet right now to have compassion for those who aren't. Give us a word of encouragement for the displaced and homeless. Father God, thank You that You have been merciful to those of us who received Christ as our Savior. We were given time and opportunity to repent. For those who have not repented, may they be warned and shaken by this mega storm. We pray that many would repent before they perish. We ask this in the compassionate name of the Man of Sorrows who shares our sufferings. AMEN

Matthew John Ignacio
Received: November 9, 2013

Suffering with alzheimers

Prayed for 13 time. I Prayed For This

Dear God, my mum is suffering with alzeimers. I am trying my best to look after her in her own home. Please help me to find good kind supporting help, please show me your love and support in this most difficult time. Amen.

Received: October 31, 2013

Prayer to keep my eyes on you LORD

Prayed for 13 time. I Prayed For This

I love you LORD with every fiber of my heart! In the beginning of this year you spoke "this will be a year of trusting me like never before!" This has been one of the most difficult years I've survived. I'm still going thru it. Job loss, moving twice, losing my apartment, becoming homeless, backstabbers coming out of the woodwork, having more debt that seems impossible to ever pay. My faith has waivered. I've cried out to the LORD more this year then ever before!! Every time I thought about giving up and giving in I thought about you JESUS hanging on the cross. That is what keeps me going!!

Laura G
Received: October 29, 2013

Circumstances trying to bring us down

Prayed for 17 time. I Prayed For This

Dear Lord, please help us overcome circumstances that are trying to bring us down. Thank You for everything. We love You. Amen.

Ljen Cataring
Received: October 27, 2013

A prayer for my nephew who the doctors say is dying !!

Prayed for 33 time. I Prayed For This

Dear Lord,i lay down at your fee.... please lay Your hands upon him and comfort him as he slowly slips away. Ease his pain as his organs start failing .Take his hand and lead him home. Comfort his little children and his family who have had so many deaths these last 5 months. Gve us strength and understanding,.i ask this in the name of Jesus ! Amen

Iris Janse Van Rensburg
Received: October 8, 2013