Prayer Of Grateful Thanks For The Suffering Of Christ

Father of all mercies and grace, how I bless and thank You for sending Your Son to endure the degrading humiliation, cruel suffering and unjust reproach of those He came to save. Thank You for Jesus and thank You for all He endured for my sake, for had He not taken the cruel punishment for my sin, which I so justly deserve, I would be eternally separated from You my Father, and that is too shocking a thought to imagine.

Thank You for sending Jesus to be born as a man. Thank You that though He was Your only begotten Son, He became our gracious example, and humbled himself and learned obedience from the many things that He suffered throughout His life. Thank You for His wonderful example of learning obedience by the things that He suffered and for dying on the cross for the sins of the world, and for my sins too. My heart rejoices in reverent praise to You my God, and my grateful thanks will resound throughout eternity. Praise His holy name.