Prayer Of Gratitude For My Friends

Heavenly Father, how gracious You are to bring into my life my many precious friends, all of which have become so special to me in their own individual and unique way.
I feel so blessed to be surrounded with so many dear people that I love and care for, and for the knowledge that they also love and care for me too. And thank You for the support that I have so often received from different ones, during those times of difficulty and pain.
Thank You also, for the valuable lessons that I have learned even though some have been very difficult, and yet I have been have enabled through the loving support and encouragement of my friends, to grow spiritually and emotionally, and gain wisdom and insight in so many important ways.
Help me to be the sort of friend that is always there for others. An ear to listen, a hand to help and a heart to comfort. And help me to grow in grace and in a knowledge of Jesus, so that I may be His hands, His ears, His heart and His comfort to the many precious people that You have place in my life. In Jesus' name I pray,