Prayer For God's Comfort And Strength In Times Of Need

Father, how I thank You that Jesus is my good Shepherd and is there to comfort and strengthen in times of suffering, sadness, pain and loss. Thank You, that Your rod and staff sustain and keep me, no matter what season of life I am passing through and no matter how difficult the times become.

I praise You Lord, for You are my strong tower, into Whose everlasting arm I flee for protection and safety, for You have pledged to uphold me with the right hand of Your righteousness. Thank You, that in the midst of suffering and distress, You have undertaken never to leave me nor forsake me, and when I face times of loneliness and isolation, Your promised grace is sufficient to carry me through.

Lord, I know that as Your child I am indeed blessed to be able to rest in You as my daily companion, my faithful comforter and my wise counsellor. Thank You for bringing me to this point in my life and for so patiently teaching me the lesson of Your never-failing faithfulness.

Use me I pray, to give like-comfort, companionship and counsel to other lonely and lost little lambs, who also need the strength of their good and faithful Shepherd. And continue I pray, to uphold and teach me more of Your comfort and strength, grace and love. In Jesus' name I pray,