Prayer For Persecuted Christians In Prison

Loving Father, I lay each and every one of Your children that are suffering as a result of persecution in prison or hard labour camps. Father God, please be very close to every single one that has been confined to prison for their faith, and pour out Your life-saving grace into each life and heart.

May Your Holy Spirit permeate their being with Your peace that surpasses all understanding, and may Your sustaining hope warm their aching hearts, knowing that they can draw near to you and that You are with them in the terrible ordeal that they are going through. Infuse them with a sense of Your closeness and presence, and may Your holy angels be ministering spirits that surround and support them every moment of the day and night.

Lord, I am sure that the doubts and fears that flood their minds during their capture must be shocking and far beyond what we, who have never had to taste such atrocities, can imagine. But in Your great love and mercy, pour in Your strength and support them with Your loving kindness and tender pity. May each one find in You the depth of peace and rest that their soul needs. Father, they are Your children and our brothers and sisters. Hold them closely in the palm of Your loving hands. In Jesus' name I pray,