For A Husband That Is Disinterested In Salvation

Loving Heavenly Father, thank You for saving me, thank You for Jesus. Thank You, for dying for me on the cross and for bringing me into Your family. I love You Lord, and long that my own dear husband would also come to faith in You.

Father, my husband is so disinterested in anything to do with Jesus and being saved. He does not understand the terrible consequences of dying in his sins and of not having Jesus as his Saviour. He thinks it is cute that I am a ‘ saved cutie’ as he calls it, and is quite happy for me to go to church. But Lord, it disturbs me that he is so disinterested.

Convict him, Lord, of his sin and his need for a Saviour. Convict him of the terrible consequences of falling under God’s wrath. Lord, I pray that You would turn his heart to the Lord Jesus and Father, I know that it is a dangerous prayer to pray, but Lord, please do WHATEVER it takes draw my husband into Your arms of forgiveness. In Jesus' name I pray,