Prayer For Mother Of Soldiers

Father, we ask You to bless all the mothers and families of soldiers who have had to wave their sons or daughters goodbye.. as they take this important and uncertain step into adulthood, and we pray Your peace and comfort as they wave them goodbye in this increasingly tumultuous world.

We pray that You would look down in love and pity on each one and  on all who have been left behind and are having to wait for weeks and often for months without having news of their loved ones.

We thank You for the faithful services of all our service men and women, knowing that each one has a mother, wife, husband or family members that had to wave them goodbye, and we ask that You would minister to each mother and all other relative of soldiers who have committed their lives to serve in the armed forces – and we pray that You would graciously sustain all who are left a home – often waiting anxiously for news of them or in the hopes of their safe return.

May they turn to You for their comfort and strength and we pray that You would draw each one closer into Your arms of love during the time that their son or daughter is far away – this we ask in Jesus name.