A Single Mother’s Prayer

Loving Lord, I know that You have ordained that families consist of two parents, but I find myself alone with no loving partner as I would desire.. and a future that seems lonely and bare. I pray for Your strength and guidance to provide for me and my children, for I know that I can not manage to do this alone. I am depending on You Father to support me through this difficult time.. and ask that You would uphold me with Your righteous right hand, every step of the way. 

Heal the wounds that have bruised my heart, comfort my soul and  let Your perfect peace guard my mind. Forgive me for the things that I have done wrong and for the wrong choices that I have made. Thank You that Your forgiveness is as wide as the ocean and that You do not hold my sins against me, but have washed them clean through by the precious blood of my Saviour,  Jesus Christ our Lord.

Grant me grace and wisdom as I seek to rear my children in the fear and nurture of the Lord in a world that has become so antagonistic towards everything that is connected with Jesus.  Provide for my physical and social needs I pray, as well as for my spiritual and emotional  needs. Give me the strength and vision to move forward in my life in the knowledge that You have promised never to leave me nor forsake me – and thank You that You have taken responsibility for feeding and clothing us with all that we need – I trust You Lord Jesus and thank You for Your many precious promises.

I pray that You would guard and protect the hearts and minds of the children and that You would draw us closer together and nearer to You. Provide the sort of quality time we need with each other so that we do not drift apart but establish a lifetime love and respect for one another. Give me the courage and grace to face the challenges that will inevitably face me as a single parent and may my philosophy be such that I cast ALL my care upon You before I try to deal with it in my own strength - knowing You have promised to carry all my burdens and to give me Your perfect peace in my heart when my mind is stayed on You – this I ask in Jesus name