Prayer For The Loss Of A Baby

Dear God, why oh why? I only had my baby for such a very short time, and now my little one has gone. My sense of grief and loss is such that it surpasses normal sadness, for this little life was taken away so early that it seems so senseless. Lord, I don’t understand.
For my part, I feel pain at my loss and anger that it should not have happened and could been prevented. I feel helpless to do anything and have such a deep-rooted sense of not understanding. But so often we don’t understand the reason that things that happen in life, do we? Lord, I really don’t understand, but please help me I pray.
Who else can I go to at this time except You Father God. Who else understands what it is to lose a child that you love and care for so dearly, but You faced deep sorrow too and You were well acquainted with bitter grief, for You lost Your own dearly beloved Son in such a cruel and senseless way, on Calvary’s cross.
Lord, I don’t understand but I do want to trust You, knowing that You will one day wipe away every tear from our eyes. Help me to come to terms with my loss, and although I know that I will never completely forget my pain, I pray that through it I may grow in such a way that I may become a support to others who are going through similar sadnesses and are experiencing their own deep sense of loss. So Father, into Your hands I commit my life. In Jesus' name,