Prayers For Loss Of Wife

Loving Lord losing ones wife is so hard and I feel so alone and helpless. I know Lord that death is not the end for those that trust in You.. but it is still hard to have to face a life without my dear wife at my side. I know there were some occasions when I took her for granted but she meant so much to me and her life was such a beautiful reflection of the Lord Jesus – and now that she has gone I realise the big gap that she has left.
Keep me Lord from self-pity, which seems to be the emotion that is surfacing quite a lot and replace it with a thankful heart for the good times we had together. Give me a spirit of peace I pray.. and hope in believing, knowing death is only a door through which we all will one day pass.
Thank You for the time that we did spend together and I ask You to give me respite from the sadness I feel… renewed hope in Christ’s promises and fresh insight into all that I am in Christ.  
Comfort my heart knowing that we will one day meet up again on the heavenly shore and may I live my life looking to Jesus, .  This I ask in His name,