Prayer For Loss Of A Pet

Dear Heavenly Father, You made such a beautiful world and filled it with so much loveliness. Thank You for the animals and birds, and particularly for the pets that mean so much to us and which help to brighten the lives of so many people.
But Lord, You know that too often the lives of our pets pass away long before we do, and it is so hard to say goodbye when a faithful and much-loved animal is finally laid to rest.
So as we say our goodbyes to this special animal that we have all grown to love so much, I ask for Your loving-comfort to fill each of our hearts, knowing that we all are feeling an aching void inside.
Look down especially I pray, on all those who may be going through a similar heartbreak of losing of their own pet, especially I lift up those people that are old and lonely or infirm and isolated. Draw close to all who are mourning the loss of a pet today. May this be a time when each one of us draws closer to You, with grateful thanks for all Your goodness and grace to us. In Jesus' name,