Prayer For The Loss Of My Mom

Heavenly Father, it has been so hard to finally come to terms with the fact that my precious Mom has finally passed away and losing her this way has been so difficult. My Mom had become such a special friend to me and there has never been a time when she was not there for me, to encourage and support as well as advise and correct, and now I feel somewhat disorientated to realise that I will never see her again this side of eternity.
Lord, I know that we all have to face death one day, but I am finding it quite hard to say goodbye. Please help me to come to terms with her death and get to the point where I can look back and celebrate and rejoice in all that she was to us all, and allow the deep feeling of loss to be replaced with a godly peace and joyful memories.
Lord, I do thank You for my Mom and for all that she meant to me. Thank You for her life and her selflessness, her wisdom and encouragement. May the lessons that I learned from her be reflected in what I say and do, and I do thank You that death is not a final separation but that in Christ, we will one day be reunited. What a wonderful realisation that not even death can separate us from our loved ones when we are all in Christ.  Thank You that You are my God and Saviour. In Jesus' name,