Wisdom For Home-Schooling

Loving Lord, thank You that You have placed us in families. I ask Your blessing on all those that are seeking to teach their children in a home environment.

I pray that You will give parents wisdom and discernment as they decide which curriculum they should follow and what lessons they will teach their children. I particularly ask that You would lead and guide those parents who are seeking to bring up their children in the fear and the nurture of the Lord. Give them wisdom in their planning and patience as they teach their children, day by day.

May You find first place in all the choices these parents make, and I pray that they will not be placed under any pressure from the various authorities, requiring them to embrace teachings that is not founded on Your Word.

Undertake for all the financial constraints that are laid on all who teach their children at home, and meet the needs of both the parents and their children, I pray. Support and strengthen all those involved in home-schooling. May they keep their eyes and heart on the Lord Jesus Christ in these difficult days.