Prayers for Homeschooling

Courage For A New Home Schooling Parent

Dear Heavenly Father, it is our decision to home-school our children and I have never had proper teaching experience and have no teaching qualification. I feel rather unsure of what I ought to do and how to go about it, and yet we both feel that this is Your will for our children, to be educated by us and to teach them according to Your Word.

Give me the courage and the wisdom to set about the task of preparing my home-school curriculum, and guide me in what I should teach my children. Lord, I pray that I may have an aptitude for teaching them and that You would give the children willing, receptive minds and the ability to learn as well and understand what is being taught.

Thank You for the friends that are also home-schooling parents, that in Your grace You have put in my path and which are being such an encouragement to me. Thank You for the advice that I have received on the curriculum and the way to prepare it, and help me to be willing to continue to learn from others, so that I may be better prepared to home-school my children.

Lord, I pray that my children may come to know You as their Saviour, and I pray that You will protect us of those that may be critical of the decision that we have made in this area.

Thank You, Lord, for my home and my children. May we all grow in grace and in a knowledge of You as we embark in this exciting time of our lives. In Jesus' name I pray,


Prayer For Discipline Through Love

Dear Father God, I thank You for the opportunity to home-school my children. Please prepare me to teach and train and discipline my children both fairly but also in love. Give me a wise and understanding heart and may the grace and love of Jesus be ever present in our schooling.

Give me the sensitivity to know when to discipline and when to give in a little. Lord, I do not want to build up resentment in my children but Lord, I also want to train and discipline them wisely. Help me to reflect Your love and grace in all I say and do with the children, and may our home-school class-room become a place of fun, excitement and industry.

Be with us Lord, in our daily work and may we be guided by You every step of the way. Keep us all safe Father, and protect our home from any untoward dangers. Lord, please provide for all our home-schooling needs, according to Your riches in glory.

Thank You Lord. This I pray in Jesus' name,


Prayer For Home-Schooled Children

Lord, how we thank You for the gift of children. We pray that we may be equipped to bring them up to love and trust the Lord Jesus as their Saviour and to serve Him as they grow into adulthood.

Lord, we know that Your Word tells us to bring up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart form it. Lord, this is our desire for all our home-schooled children and we claim this promise from You. Oh Lord, that all our children may come to know You and to trust You as their Saviour.

Help us to keep Your Word in our hearts and minds and not to be intimidated by those that would seek to remove the Bible and all the wonderful truths its contains from the children of today. Guard and protect the hearts and minds of all our children, and may our homes be a place of security and peace, where the Lord Jesus is kept as the focus.

Lord, we truly want to teach our children in a sound and biblical way. Help us ground all we do on Your Word. May we talk of Your Word when we sit in our houses, and when we walk by the way, when we lie down and when we rise up. And in all things may You be glorified in our homes. In Jesus' name,


Wisdom For Home-Schooling

Loving Lord, thank You that You have placed us in families. I ask Your blessing on all those that are seeking to teach their children in a home environment.

I pray that You will give parents wisdom and discernment as they decide which curriculum they should follow and what lessons they will teach their children. I particularly ask that You would lead and guide those parents who are seeking to bring up their children in the fear and the nurture of the Lord. Give them wisdom in their planning and patience as they teach their children, day by day.

May You find first place in all the choices these parents make, and I pray that they will not be placed under any pressure from the various authorities, requiring them to embrace teachings that is not founded on Your Word.

Undertake for all the financial constraints that are laid on all who teach their children at home, and meet the needs of both the parents and their children, I pray. Support and strengthen all those involved in home-schooling. May they keep their eyes and heart on the Lord Jesus Christ in these difficult days.