Prayer For Discipline Through Love

Dear Father God, I thank You for the opportunity to home-school my children. Please prepare me to teach and train and discipline my children both fairly but also in love. Give me a wise and understanding heart and may the grace and love of Jesus be ever present in our schooling.

Give me the sensitivity to know when to discipline and when to give in a little. Lord, I do not want to build up resentment in my children but Lord, I also want to train and discipline them wisely. Help me to reflect Your love and grace in all I say and do with the children, and may our home-school class-room become a place of fun, excitement and industry.

Be with us Lord, in our daily work and may we be guided by You every step of the way. Keep us all safe Father, and protect our home from any untoward dangers. Lord, please provide for all our home-schooling needs, according to Your riches in glory.

Thank You Lord. This I pray in Jesus' name,