Prayer For My Husbands Adultery

Dear Lord Jesus, my heart is aching as my husband has betrayed me and has found his sexual needs fulfilled in the arms of another – and I am devastated and pray that You would carry me through this intensely painful time.

Lord I feel betrayed and it is a pain that is inexpressible, and I ask You to reach out Your healing arms of comfort and help me to come to terms with what has happened. Lord I know that in everything by prayer and supplication – (and even with thanksgiving) we are to make our requests known to You.. I wish this had never happened.. but it has, and I ask You to show me what to do and how to come to terms with this sadness. Show me I pray, how to move forward and help me to save my marriage.

Lord I know that his adultery is a sin against You as well as me and I pray that my husband will see the error of his way and turn away from this ungodly liaison and seek Your forgiveness – and mine.

I know that You have the power to move mountains and I pray that this great barrier that has been erected between us.. will be removed by Your grace  - but I also know that he has to be willing to turn away from his own sin - but I pray that Your Holy Spirit would deeply convict his heart of his serious wrongdoing.

Father I believe that the enemy has been involved in causing my husband to fall into sin.. in this vulnerable area of his life. I believe that the enemy desires to shatter our marriage and leave in its wake many ruined lives and many hurting people, but Lord I pray that the wiles of the enemy may be thwarted and that my husband will turn from his wrong, sexual liaison and adulterous ways - and turn back to a godly way of life. This is my pray Lord.. Help me to come to terms with it. Help me to forgive.. Help me to more forward in my life but also help us to rebuild our marriage on a firm foundation  - where You are the One that leads and guides our future life together – this I ask in Jesus name,