Prayers For Job Loss

Lord Jesus, we are facing increasing numbers of men and women who are finding it difficult to obtain a job and keep it, due to the ever-growing unemployment figures,  while there are others who are continuously concerned that the job they have is insecure, knowing that any day they may be facing a permanent and devastating job loss.
Lord, this adds to the stress on individuals and on their families and we pray that many would turn to You and seek You, knowing that You alone are the One in whom they can find a permanent solution, true security and lasting peace of mind.
Lord, as a nation and as a world we have turned our backs on You and having sown a national ‘wind’ we are in the process of reaping a world-wide ‘whirlwind,’ and Father, You alone are the answer to our individual, community and national problems.

May we repent of our sins as individual Christians who have wandered far from You and allowed the things of this world to influence our relationship with You. May we repent as Your Church and body of Christ, for we have compromised the truth of Scripture and turned a blind eye to the evils that have infiltrated our places of worship.

May we repent as a nation and turn back to the Lord our God, and may we look to You to be the one and only source of our hope, knowing that only when the Lord Jesus returns will the problems of life be finally put right. This we ask in Jesus' name,