Loss Of My Husband

Loving Lord, it is so hard for a wife to have to face a life without her husband, and that is my situation now. It is so hard to go to bed each night and get up again each morning knowing that he will never be there for me. And Lord, he did so many little jobs for me around the house and took on all the responsibilities of the every day affairs of life, and Father, I dread having to face these things all alone and without his support.

Lord, I ask that You would be close to me, closer than You have ever been before for I can’t face these things alone. I am looking to You, trusting on You and believing in Your Word, for You have promised to be with me no matter what befalls.

Lord, keep me from brooding and feeling sorry for myself. I know it is good and right to grieve for a time, but help me to readjust to the fact of being all alone and help me Lord, to look to the future with hope and expectation as well as remembering the past with grateful thanks for the good times we enjoyed together.

I am trusting You Lord Jesus, trusting only You, trusting for Your grace and mercy and sufficiency to see me through. Thank You for always being there for me. In Jesus' name I pray,