Prayers For Loss Of A Grandchild

Dear Heavenly Father, what grief and sadness has overtaken us as the loss of out precious little grandchild. Oh Lord, never did we expect that we would live to see such a sad day and our hearts are overburdened with such a great loss and such a sense of sadness.
Give me the strength and courage I need to support my own precious child who is having to face this shattering loss in their life. Help me to be Your heart of love reaching out to them, to comfort and support, as they face the loss of their dearly loved child, and my very precious grand-child.
I know You collect all our tears in a bottle and will one day wipe away all our hurt and pain. Keep us looking to Jesus. Keep us trusting in Your unfailing-mercy. Keep us from grieving as the world grieves, knowing that one day we will all meet together in Your presence.
Give us all the grace and strength to face the future, knowing that all things are being used for our eternal benefit and to Your greater glory even though at this time of deep darkness we just don’t understand. Into Your hand I commit all those that are dear to me and thank You that You are my God. In Jesus' name I pray,