Prayer For A Greater Serenity Of Heart

Dear Father God, at times I get agitated and worried, angry and hurt and I find myself nursing a variety of pains and worries, which prevents me from abiding in You, accessing Your peace and resting in Your love.

Lord, I know that there have been many times when I have reacted in an ungodly manner and hurt others as well as myself. Grant me a serenity in my heart to trust You in every area and activity of my life, and help me to keep my mind fixed on You, so that I may experience the perfect peace that only comes from above.

Forgive me for the times when I have tried to be independent of You rather than trusting Your Word and depending on You alone. Keep me humble before Your throne of grace I pray, and give me peace and serenity in my heart.

Let me be willing to trust You in every area of my life and an inner assurance that You are in full control, and give me serenity of spirit to exhibit Your peace in my life. In Jesus' name I pray,