Prayer For Children Who’ve Lost A Parent

Loving Lord, You are the one Who said, "suffer the little children to come unto me," and today we specially think of the many children who have lost one or more parents due to illness or accident, or even due to desertion, suicide or imprisonment.
Father, today we lift up all those who have lost a parent, or have been parted from them for whatever reason, and we pray that Your special comfort and grace would be extended to these children in their time of loss and trauma. We ask that You would draw close to each one and help them to come to terms with losing one of the most important people in their life.
We pray that their loss and grief would not be overlooked by other adults, but that You would provide the right people to minister to them and to supply the appropriate comfort and support during this time of loss. May each child come to know You as their Heavenly Father, and receive from You the comfort of a loving parent, so that they may grow into emotionally stable adults who have come to trust You as their Saviour and Friend. This we ask in Jesus' name,