Prayers For Loss Of Hope

Heavenly Father, I cling to You knowing that my heart feels dry and empty as if my hope is draining away, but I thank You that You are there for me in times of trouble and distress, and I pray that You would hold me fast during this period when all hope seems to be evaporating away.
Lord, I know that Your promises are true and that You are with us in the midst of our troubles and trials, our fears and failings and our doubts and difficulties, our brokenness and our bitterness. Help me to cling fast to Your promises, to rest in Your love, to rekindle my hope and to rebuild my joy and my strength in the Lord.
Lord, I believe that losing my hope in You is really a temptation of the enemy, so help I pray, not to lose heart but help me to remember that in Christ I am being renewed day by day by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Help me not to try to rely on myself but to let go and allow You to work Your will in my life.
Develop in me strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, knowing that Your mercies, grace strength and hope are new everymorning, for which I praise Your holy name. In Jesus' name,