For Integrity In My Husband

Dear heavenly Father, thank You for my dear husband and the life that we have together – but although he desires to uphold Your perfect standard in his life, in the power of the Holy Spirit, the pressures at work and the ways of the world often cause him to falter – sometimes causing him to compromise what he knows is Your will in his life.

Lord I pray that You would give him the strength, the grace and the wisdom to stand-up for what he knows is right, and maintain his integrity in the world of work, even when others weaken or succumb to the ways of this world system.

Convict him Lord I pray, to do what is righteous in Your sight and help him to do what is good and profitable for his eternal soul, and to apply it in his own walk and life. Give him a teachable spirit and a willingness to listen to Your gentle promptings in his heart so that he lives in a way that honours You.

Give me a teachable spirit too I pray and keep me Lord from being critical… but rather give me the wisdom and patience to live as a godly wife in genuine, biblical submission to him, as You desire - and I pray that we may grow together in grace and demonstrate in all areas of our lives the wisdom and integrity that only comes from abiding in the Lord Jesus, in Whose name I pray,