Prayers for Help

Asking For Divine Intervention

O God, our Father, You are all that man’s soul, mind and spirit could possibly desire. Our problem is not in believing in You. Our problem seems to be in believing that you condescend to hear and help us. Our problem is that we do not believe we are worthy of asking Divine intervention in our puny problems of life and living. Help us to see You as Jesus would have us see and pray as He taught us to pray, saying, “Our Father …” To see You as “our Father”, full of love and compas­sion, will cause our faith to mount and our hopes to rise. Our Father, Who art in heaven, we love You.


Prayer For Help In Time Of Need

Loving Heavenly Father, You created all things and by Your power all things hold together. According to Your riches in mercy, I pray that You would help me through this very difficult time of my life.

Lord, You know that I have problems within the home and difficulties within the family, as well as financial problems and relationship problems, all of which seem to have hit me hard, at the same time. Lord, I don’t know what to do, but my eyes are on You because You have promised to be my help in time of need.

Strengthen me by the might of Your power and help me not to look at the circumstances of life but on You. For I know that Your grace is sufficient for Your power is made perfect in my weakness.

I ask Lord, that I am not overwhelmed by all that is going on, but rather that You would take my life, every part of it, and cover it with Your great grace. Lord, I know that You are able to do the impossible in our lives and are able to do abundantly more than we can ask or think. I place all my troubles on You, for You have promised to carry me and help me in time of need. I ask Lord for Your help in Jesus' name,


Prayer For Help When Being Falsely Accused

Help me Lord, and save me from those that are seeking to destroy me. Show me Lord, what You would have me to do. Lord, I want to trust and obey You and to rest my weary soul on You and not rely on my own strength, for there is nothing I can do. I come to You on my knees imploring You Lord, to stand up as my Champion and Defender.

Lord, I find myself into deep trouble for I have been falsely accused and no one seems interested in helping me or able to do anything. And Father, some have even turned their backs on me and are accusing me of falsities.

Lord, You know the truth and I ask that You would vindicate me. Have mercy Lord and help me. Turn Your heart towards me and have pity on me I pray. You are my Advocate and my Helper in time of trouble, and I pray that You would rescue me speedily. Show me Your goodness for the sake of Your holy name, for I trust in You. I pray in Jesus' name,


Prayer In Times Of Weakness

Lord Jesus, I pray that You would listen to my prayer, for I am weak and helpless and have no one but You to turn to in my time of trouble. I feel so lost and so alone and I hardly know which way to turn. My body has become so weak and my eyes are red with weeping, and things are so difficult that I ask You to show me Your mercy.

Keep me I pray, from going under and giving up. You are my God and I have trusted You. Lord, You have promised to be with me to help in my weakness and to carry me when things become too hard. You have promised to carry me and I am asking for Your help. 

Lord, I am Your servant and have trusted You in times past. Come to my aid in my time of weakness I pray, and carry me in Your arms of love. I lift my heart to You Lord all day long, and trust You to help as You have promised. In Jesus' name I pray,


Lost of self

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I pray for healing of any past sins. I take full responsibility for my actions, and to truly walk and stay and discern God's will for my life. May I do this his way. For a successful future which is pleasing to him. I want to depend solely on him. That he blesses me with the right friends. I forgive everyone and myself of any wrong offense. Forgive me from my past, now i want to trust God and put Him first. I ask for deliverance, healing from drugs, and lust. Restore my dignity. To let go of any relationship which is not in His will. To let go of past/myself and grasp what matters, helping others.
Received: September 13, 2015


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Dear Lord, I just brought this car, and it needs so much work done to it. The dealership made a promise that they did not keep. Please Lord show me what to do.I pray that the dealer will call and make good on their promise
Received: January 30, 2015

Is she my soul mate ?

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Dear God please let me know whether the girl that I've fall in  love with is my soulmate that I'm looking for. I do want You to help me God in my struggle  with my financial situation. Please let me find the resolution in term of these 2 things. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

Received: November 3, 2013

Looking to you

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Help me Lord, Lord I look to you for Hlep

Received: October 22, 2013

To Overcome my trials

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Dear Lord please help me to overcome my trials that comes today not only today but everyday. I've always wanted to change my workplace to continue my work in other company since i have a hard time working in my present job and now you've given me the strenght to fight for my right and now i've been battling my victory to my boss because I file a complain in Labor office against my boss . I still i have a hard time coping,  Lord i still believe in you that you would do miracles for me. And i know because I Trust in you Lord. Am claiming it IN JESUS NAME.AMEN

Received: October 17, 2013

Financial Breakthrough

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My Lord, I need you more than ever now. My son is suspended from school since we owe lots of money on school fees. I am not working and I have lost all my life savings to con artists. All I ask father is that I be able to find help or means to take my son back to school. I need a job also Lord. I trust and have faith my breakthrough is soon. In Jesus name Amen

Received: October 9, 2013

Help in my life

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I pray that i can have stronger strength, and that I will have faith to be a strong believer. In the past few months, life has been so tough for me, it has been so dark during the day. I'm going for an interview in 2 weeks time, and i really need this job for my finances. My partner kicked me out of our own house, and what is worse my child was 2 months old. He went around lying about me even to his family. God knows the truth, i said i have forgiven him. His family is saying bad things about me. Help me God to be more stronger, i've cried at night asking God what have i done to these people.
Received: October 8, 2013