Prayer In Times Of Weakness

Lord Jesus, I pray that You would listen to my prayer, for I am weak and helpless and have no one but You to turn to in my time of trouble. I feel so lost and so alone and I hardly know which way to turn. My body has become so weak and my eyes are red with weeping, and things are so difficult that I ask You to show me Your mercy.

Keep me I pray, from going under and giving up. You are my God and I have trusted You. Lord, You have promised to be with me to help in my weakness and to carry me when things become too hard. You have promised to carry me and I am asking for Your help. 

Lord, I am Your servant and have trusted You in times past. Come to my aid in my time of weakness I pray, and carry me in Your arms of love. I lift my heart to You Lord all day long, and trust You to help as You have promised. In Jesus' name I pray,