Prayers for Encouragement

Prayer To The Father Who Is My Courage

How I thank and praise You my Father, that You are my light and my salvation, my courage and the strength of my life, and that there is nothing to fear when You are nearby. Lord, my hope is in You for I know that no enemy can penetrate the spiritual wall of protection that surrounds me in Christ, and that nothing can touch my life that You do not permit if I remain in Him, Who is my light and the upholder of my life.

Help me to study Your Word with all diligence, knowing that all I need to live godly in Christ Jesus is contained within its pages, and as I progress along my Christian walk, may I be ready to give an answer to all who ask about my eternal hope in Christ. Give me I pray, the courage to speak boldly, but in love. In Jesus' name I pray,


Help Me To Be An Encouragement To Others

Lord, help me to be an encouragement to others in the same way that You have sent many little encouragements me along the way. There have been times of weariness and times of fear and times when I have felt ready to give up, but always at the right time there was a short note or a simple call or a little token of Your love for me, which You sent by means of the many people that You have lovingly placed in my life.

Thank You also Lord, that You are our God of encouragement, and that we have Your indwelling Holy Spirit to help and to comfort in times of need. Teach me Your way and Your will, and help me to always heed the gentle promptings of the Spirit of Comfort within my heart, so that I may not miss an opportunity to be a minister of Your encouragement to others in times of need.

Oh Lord, more and more I long to breathe You into my very being and be saturated with Your love and grace, so that I may be equipped to breathe out Your love and joy and help and support and encouragement to all with whom I come in contact.

Show me Lord, how I can best be an encouragement to others, and may life point others to You and never to myself. May I decrease as You increase more and more in my life. I pray in Jesus' name,


Thank You For The Promise Of Joy In The Morning

Lord, I thank You that there is nothing that happens to me or to my loved ones that You do not know about, and that no matter what takes place in our lives, You are with us all of the time.

Lord, I know that this world is not our home and that You have prepared a place in glory for all who have trusted Jesus Christ as Saviour. Thank You that however hard or difficult this life becomes and whatever befalls us, we know that what we endure through the trials of life, and the blackness and pain we may feel along the way will one day be lifted forever, when You come to take us to be with Yourself, when we will be with You in Your glorious heavenly home, for evermore.

Thank You, that the weeping of the night that we are going through during our sojourn on earth, really will end in the most joyous morning, which You have promised to all who have trusted You. I praise Your name that You have kept all our tears in a bottle for You know our sadness, and have promised to wipe away all the tears and pain that we have endured.

Lord, I do thank You that You have promised that Your grace is sufficient for all the hard times and trials that we may meet in this world. Praise Your holy name. Thank You that You have promised the sufficiency of your wonderful grace to support us through this wilderness walk on earth. In Jesus' name I pray,


Thank You For Your Eternal Faithfulness To Me

Dear Heavenly Father, I do trust You, but at times I wonder if my faith in You is sufficient. Praise God that my hope does not reply on my sufficiency but on Yours. My hope of eternal life in heaven with You does not depend on my righteousness or good works, but on You and on Your everlasting faithfulness, Your omnipotent strength and Your finished work of Calvary’s cross.

What I wonderful God You are, and I am beginning to understand what it means that I must nor rely on my own strength, for my strength will fail, but I am to rely on Your everlasting Strength and Your eternal faithfulness to finish the good work that You started in me the moment that I trusted You as Saviour.

Help me to abide in You and to trust in the promises that You have given to all Your children in the Bible, for Your Word is truth and cannot be broken. Oh thank You, Lord, that You chose to save all who trust in Jesus Christ, and have promised that even if my faith grows weak or fails, You will not forsake me, but have promised to remain faithful to finish the good work that You have started in me. Thank You Father,


The Joy, Peace And Comfort Of Abiding In Christ

Loving Heavenly Father, I thank You for all the things that I am learning through the indwelling Holy Spirit, and that the more I abide in You and rest in Your love, the more I find that the fears and disappointments of life seem to fall into their proper perspective.

What a comfort to know that although we do have troubles and trials in this life, that the Lord Jesus has overcome every single one of them. And all we have to do to access His strength and sufficiency, is to rest in Him and to abide in His love.

It is funny Lord, but for so long I thought that I needed to do lots of good things so that You would give me Your love, Your peace and Your joy. I thought that I had to earn these things. But You have taught me that it is the other way around, and all I have to do is to simply rest in Your love, to receive the peace and joy that only comes from You. What a comfort to understand that it is Your responsibility to carry out the good works that You have already prepared for me to do! And then You do it, through me, in the power of Your Holy Spirit! Wow! Thank You Lord.

Oh how it rejoices my heart and comforts my soul, that You do not have to rely on me, but that all I have to do is to rely on You. Praise Your holy name!


The Precious Promises Of God

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for dying for me and for Your wonderful Word that gives me such encouragement in my Christian life. As I read though the many precious promises that you have sprinkled throughout its pages, I am reminded again and again that all that I need is found in You. In You, there is nothing that I lack, indeed my cup is full and running over.

Oh Lord, I do understand that this world is a place where evil abounds, and that for a short time we will all have to endure many difficulties and trials. But even that knowledge has a wonderful silver lining, for You have promised that the trials and tribulations of life are so short-lived and yet will produce in each of Your children a glory that vastly outweighs them, and which will last forever! What a wonderful encouragement we have in so many of Your precious promises and I thank You Lord, that I am Your child.

Thank You that nothing in heaven or earth or under the earth can separate me from You, and nothing is powerful enough to snatch away the eternal life that You have promised me simply through trusting in Jesus as my Saviour. Thank You Lord Jesus,


Please, Help me

Prayed for 12 time. I Prayed For This

God, you're my only companion.Help me in fulfilling the other's needs so my struggles would be an inspiration.Help me in solving my problems.Be there with me when i'm facing many hardships.I pray not because I want to make my dreams come true, but because I want to know how to be an inspiration so i could make someone's dreams come true.

Angela Cantiga
Received: October 18, 2013