The Precious Promises Of God

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for dying for me and for Your wonderful Word that gives me such encouragement in my Christian life. As I read though the many precious promises that you have sprinkled throughout its pages, I am reminded again and again that all that I need is found in You. In You, there is nothing that I lack, indeed my cup is full and running over.

Oh Lord, I do understand that this world is a place where evil abounds, and that for a short time we will all have to endure many difficulties and trials. But even that knowledge has a wonderful silver lining, for You have promised that the trials and tribulations of life are so short-lived and yet will produce in each of Your children a glory that vastly outweighs them, and which will last forever! What a wonderful encouragement we have in so many of Your precious promises and I thank You Lord, that I am Your child.

Thank You that nothing in heaven or earth or under the earth can separate me from You, and nothing is powerful enough to snatch away the eternal life that You have promised me simply through trusting in Jesus as my Saviour. Thank You Lord Jesus,