Thank You For Your Eternal Faithfulness To Me

Dear Heavenly Father, I do trust You, but at times I wonder if my faith in You is sufficient. Praise God that my hope does not reply on my sufficiency but on Yours. My hope of eternal life in heaven with You does not depend on my righteousness or good works, but on You and on Your everlasting faithfulness, Your omnipotent strength and Your finished work of Calvary’s cross.

What I wonderful God You are, and I am beginning to understand what it means that I must nor rely on my own strength, for my strength will fail, but I am to rely on Your everlasting Strength and Your eternal faithfulness to finish the good work that You started in me the moment that I trusted You as Saviour.

Help me to abide in You and to trust in the promises that You have given to all Your children in the Bible, for Your Word is truth and cannot be broken. Oh thank You, Lord, that You chose to save all who trust in Jesus Christ, and have promised that even if my faith grows weak or fails, You will not forsake me, but have promised to remain faithful to finish the good work that You have started in me. Thank You Father,