Prayers on Abiding in Christ

A Prayer for Deep Abiding With My Heavenly Vine

Dear Father, Who art in heaven, thank You that You are my heavenly Husbandman and that You tend my life with such care and concern. Cleanse me and prune me, and take away anything that you discover in me that does not glorify Your holy name.

Thank You, Father, that I am a heavenly branch that is united to my heavenly Vine, the lovely Lord Jesus Christ. May His life flow through mine as sap flows through the branch that is engrafted into its parent stem. Fill me with His fullness so that I may live and move and grow and bear fruit as I abide more and more in Him. In Jesus' name,


“"I am the true vine, and My Father is the vineyard keeper.”

Enable Me To Abide In Your Love

Dear Lord, I know that I am commanded to abide in You and I desire to live my life day by day, simply resting and abiding in You. Teach me Lord how to abide in You, so that all that is of myself will melt away as the Spirit of Christ pulses through my being.

Give me the strength to be a fruitful branch, for You alone are my sufficiency. Enable me to abide in Your love so that I may produce much fruit, out of the abundance of Your grace. In Jesus' name I pray,


“If you keep My commands you will remain in My love, just as I have kept My Father's commands and remain in His love.”

Prayer For A Fruitful Life

Fill me, Father, with Your Spirit of the Vine, Christ Jesus my Lord. May I bring forth fruit, more fruit, much fruit to glorify Your Holy name. I pray in Jesus' name, my precious heavenly Vine,


“so that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing [to Him], bearing fruit in every good work and growing in the knowledge of God.”

Help Me To Abide In You

Thank You, Jesus, that You are the Vine and I am a branch. Help me day by day to abide in You and to be fruitful in all I say and do. I know that without You I can do nothing, but I also know that as I rest in You I can bring forth the sort of fruit that is pleasing to the Father. I want to abide in You and rest in You and remain in You. Help me Jesus I pray,


“If you remain in Me and My words remain in you, ask whatever you want and it will be done for you.”

Teach Me To Abide In You

Oh, thank You Lord Jesus, my heavenly Vine, for the fullness of Your blessing towards me. I want to know and understand more and more of what it means to simply rest in You. May I abide in You, in sweet union with my Saviour and remain in blessed communion with You in ever closer intimacy.

Teach me, Lord, and train me to rest in Your love. Guard me and guide under the shelter of Your canopy, and reveal more and more of Yourself to me I pray,


“The anointing you received from Him remains in you, and you don't need anyone to teach you. Instead, His anointing teaches you about all things, and is true and is not a lie; just as it has taught you, remain in Him.”

Marraige, My Loving Wife

Prayed for 26 time. I Prayed For This
I pray that I can be the loving husband, loving father, loving example, loving mentor, and most oh all a loving servent not only for my wife and kids, but also for the Lord Jesus Christ. "In Him" "Amen"
Received: March 11, 2015

For my Son

Prayed for 24 time. I Prayed For This
Lord our God in the powerful name of your Son Christ I beg you for my son give him the desire of obey you and know you. rescue him from what he is going through. Please help him, give him a Christian wife and fill his life with your presence and I know everything will be the way you want to be for him. AMEN
Received: February 12, 2015

The victoms of typoon yolanda and earthquake

Prayed for 25 time. I Prayed For This

Dear Lord, I pray that the Lord will mend their brokenness of what happened to them. Lord may they abide in Christ not on the problem that they are facing right now.. AMEN

Received: November 16, 2013

To Stay in God

Prayed for 17 time. I Prayed For This
Please for me that I can remains under influence of God. I do feel I’m warm not Hot as i was before.
Received: October 5, 2013