Prayer For Help When Being Falsely Accused

Help me Lord, and save me from those that are seeking to destroy me. Show me Lord, what You would have me to do. Lord, I want to trust and obey You and to rest my weary soul on You and not rely on my own strength, for there is nothing I can do. I come to You on my knees imploring You Lord, to stand up as my Champion and Defender.

Lord, I find myself into deep trouble for I have been falsely accused and no one seems interested in helping me or able to do anything. And Father, some have even turned their backs on me and are accusing me of falsities.

Lord, You know the truth and I ask that You would vindicate me. Have mercy Lord and help me. Turn Your heart towards me and have pity on me I pray. You are my Advocate and my Helper in time of trouble, and I pray that You would rescue me speedily. Show me Your goodness for the sake of Your holy name, for I trust in You. I pray in Jesus' name,