Exam Prayer For Mature Students

Loving Heavenly Father, it astonishes me that I am once again preparing to take an important exam, after having finished my normal ‘education’ so long ago. At times I feel that my mind is slowing down and the thought of sitting an exam is quite a daunting task. But Father, You led me in this direction and You have promised to be with me in all things, in every season of our lives. Be with me Lord, as I prepare for this exam and also as I go on to take it. 

I thank and praise You that You have given me this wonderful opportunity to forward my career with this course of studies, and I pray that You will be glorified as I move forward in my life and apply all that I have been learning.

Thank You, Father, for being with me up until now. I know that You have promised never to leave me, and to be my strength and stay in all things, for which I praise Your holy name.