Prayers for Giving

All I Have Belongs To You

Blessed Father, you are above all in gifts, and out of your giving you have taught me the way to a fuller identification of myself with you. Not only your gift of Jesus and your gift of the Spirit, but every day your gifts are given to me like manna in the wilderness. All I have belongs to you, and of my money I am only a trustee. Command its use as shall please you, and give me the experience of the giver’s joy. Let me see clearly the sin of covetousness and deepen my hatred of its practice. In the name of your unspeakable Gift be praise and dominion forever.


Peter Ainslie

Prayer To Become A Giving Person

Loving Father, I come to You today with grateful thanks for the gifts and promises that so readily stream in my direction from You. So often Lord, my foolish heart is filled with worry and anxiety and I find myself looking at the problem of my supply instead of looking to You as my generous Supplier. Please forgive this lack of trust in You, for I know that You have promised to supply all our needs according to Your riches in glory, for which I thank and praise You.

Lord, I want to be able to hand over each and every one of my worries to You, and to develop a generous and outgiving personality that keeps my eyes on Jesus, rather than continuing to be the “worrier” that I have become. I know that this does not honour Your name and I so desire to walk in the paths of righteousness and become a person with a generous heart that flows from Your own generosity, a grateful heart that is full of trust and thanks to You, Who have done so much for me.

Lord, I know that I cannot change my nature myself, but I do know that in the power of the Holy Spirit I can take my worries and anxieties captive and hand them over to You, turning them into purposeful praise, knowing that in all things You are the supplier of all I need. I ask this in Jesus' name,


Prayer For A Cheerful Giving Heart

Lord, I thank You for what You have given me, so many blessings that I cannot begin to count them, they are without number. Lord, I pray that You would develop in me a giving heart that glorifies You, a cheerful heart that desires to give back to You a small measure of the over-abundance that You have poured into my lap.

Father, there are times when I worry about giving and times when I hold back from giving because I have a nagging in my mind that if I give away too much I may render myself without sufficient. Lord, in my heart, I know that this attitude that I have developed is not pure, nor is it founded on true biblical principles, and so I come to You now to ask You to change my heart in respect to giving, so that it more truly reflects a heart that pleases You.

I ask that You would give me wisdom to know what to give, when to give and whom to give to. Change my attitude towards giving I pray, knowing that all things come from You and it is from the over-abundance of the bountiful supply that You have graciously poured into my lap, that I am giving back to You. Give me I pray, a giving heart, a generous heart, a grateful heart. Develop in me a heart that is filled with thanks and praise to You, for all that You have done for me. Hear my prayer, Lord. I ask this in Jesus' name,


Prayer For Giving Of Tithes And Offerings

Heavenly Father, thank You that we are living in the dispensation of grace and that we are not under the old law of the spirit of death but under the new law of the spirit of life. But Lord, I feel called to give a tithe to You because I love You, and I want to do this as a thank offering for the grace and love which You have shown towards me.

Accept I pray, this small token of my love and gratitude for loving me enough to give Your life for me and die a cruel death on the cross, that I may live - and for taking the punishment that I justly deserve and then clothing me in the righteousness of Christ, an honour which I do not deserve.

Thank You, Lord, for the amazing grace and steadfast love and mercy that You have poured out on me in such abundance, and help me never to become complacent or lukewarm towards You, but rather to live in perpetual awe and wonderment for the gift of life that You have given me as a free gift of grace, by simple faith in Christ Jesus, in Whose name I pray,


Offering A Prayer Of Faith

Heavenly Father, You are our only Supplier and Supply and it is upon You that we rely entirely. We are living in a difficult world, in a society that is facing increasingly precarious economic difficulties. The money for which we work is becoming sawdust in our pockets and the prices of the simple basics of life are escalating out of control, and Lord we have no one but You upon whom to rely and we are trusting You for our provision today.

Lord, we believe Your Word is true and that You have promised to supply all our needs according to Your riches in glory. Thank You for the amazing example of the Israelites in the wilderness, who received sufficient manna for the day as a promise from You, and Lord we believe and know that Your promises are no less true today than they were in those distant days gone by.

Help us to walk by faith and not to be swayed by the mountainous problems that surround us on every side. Help us to live by faith and not by sight, and trust You to provide sufficient provision for our daily need. Help us to read Your Word and reckon it to be true and not to doubt Your promises. Help us to trust You entirely in these increasingly precarious times and look to You with childlike trust, knowing that You are our Supplier and Supply. We ask this in Jesus' name,


Offertory Prayer For Gifts And Giving

Almighty God and everlasting Father, we thank You that You are our bountiful Provider and for the many gifts that we enjoy so freely from the fruit of the earth. May we be wise servants and faithful stewards with the many blessings that we have received at Your hand. May we take of what You have given to us with a grateful heart, and cheerfully give back to You a small portion of the abundance of Your grace, that we have received at Your hand.

Keep our hearts ever thankful towards You, and give us a tender compassion for those around us that are hurting or in need. May we be willing to share our portion with others and may we show forth the love of God in our lives, with a cheerful and gracious disposition, especially to those who are disadvantaged and needy.

Accept our offering of prayer and praise and thanksgiving for all that You have given to us, and receive we pray, these small tokens of our love, knowing that all things come from You and we offer back to You of the bountiful goodness that You have given to us. In Jesus' name we pray,


prayer for giving


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All that is mine is "yours". I am only the trustee.
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Prayer for giving tithes

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All I have belongs to you
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