Prayers for Thanksgiving

Thank You in All Things

We give you thanks for all things, O Lord Almighty, that you have not taken away your mercies and your compassions from us; but in every succeeding generation you save, and deliver, and assist, and protect.

What life is sufficient, what length of ages will be long enough, for us to be thankful? To do it worthily it is impossible, but to do it according to our ability is just and right. Glory and worship be to you, through Jesus Christ, now and ever, and through all ages.


Prayer Of Thanksgiving For All You Mercies

Loving Lord, I come to You with a thankful heart and just want to lift up my hand to praise Your glorious name for all Your goodness and loving-kindness to me. Thank You for Jesus and my eternal salvation.

Thank You for my life and all the joys that You have given me – my friends and my family – my home and my daily provision. How precious to know that Your mercies are new every morning – great is Your faithfulness Father.

Thank You for the Bible and all the many precious promises it contains and for the many promises that have been fulfilled in my life day by day. Praise Your name for no matter what comes my way You have gone ahead to prepare the way. Accept my thanks and my love in JESUS precious name.

Amen and Amen

We Offer Our Firstfruits to You

We give thanks to you, O Lord Almighty, the Creator of the whole world, and its preserver, through your only begotten Son Jesus Christ our Lord, for the firstfruits which are offered to you, not in such a manner as we ought, but as we are able. For who is there that can worthily give you thanks for those things you have given them to partake of?

The God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob, and of all the saints, who made all things fruitful by your Word, and commanded the earth to bring forth various fruits for our rejoicing and our food—some for our necessities, some for our health, and some for our pleasure.

On all these accounts, therefore, you are worthy of exalted hymns of praise for your beneficence by Christ, through whom glory, honor, and worship be to you, in the Holy Spirit, forever.


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I Prayed For This Prayed for 10 time.
I thank you Jesus for giving me this job.
Cynita Christy
Received: May 13, 2015