Prayer For A Cheerful Giving Heart

Lord, I thank You for what You have given me, so many blessings that I cannot begin to count them, they are without number. Lord, I pray that You would develop in me a giving heart that glorifies You, a cheerful heart that desires to give back to You a small measure of the over-abundance that You have poured into my lap.

Father, there are times when I worry about giving and times when I hold back from giving because I have a nagging in my mind that if I give away too much I may render myself without sufficient. Lord, in my heart, I know that this attitude that I have developed is not pure, nor is it founded on true biblical principles, and so I come to You now to ask You to change my heart in respect to giving, so that it more truly reflects a heart that pleases You.

I ask that You would give me wisdom to know what to give, when to give and whom to give to. Change my attitude towards giving I pray, knowing that all things come from You and it is from the over-abundance of the bountiful supply that You have graciously poured into my lap, that I am giving back to You. Give me I pray, a giving heart, a generous heart, a grateful heart. Develop in me a heart that is filled with thanks and praise to You, for all that You have done for me. Hear my prayer, Lord. I ask this in Jesus' name,