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Prayer of Mercy For Orphans And Children

Loving Father, there is nothing that You cannot do and no one that is outside of Your sphere of knowledge. Your Word says that You defend the cause of widows and orphans, that you rescue the weak and needy and that You set the lonely in families.

I pray that You would work a mighty work in the lives of all those around the globe that are abandoned, orphaned or simply uncared for and provide for each of their needs according to Your riches in mercy and grace.

Raise up men, women and ministries that champion the cause of the defenceless and vulnerable. Be their rock of support, their fortress of safety, their shepherd and defender.

Protect the minds of those who have been exploited, and bring them to a knowledge of Jesus and also to a place of refuge, where they may learn of Your Father-heart of love for all those that are Your children. I pray this in Jesus' name,


Mercy For Those Struggling With Their Faith

Heavenly Father, You are our refuge and strength in the bad times as well as the good times. Although the difficulties of life cause many of us to tighten our grip on the hope we have in You, there are some dear believers that struggle with depression, and who fall into despair when times of trouble hit their lives.

Lord, we grieve when this causes men and women to question their hope in You and even walk away from the trust they had in the Lord Jesus Christ. But You are a God of great grace and loving-kindness, and we bring before You all believers who are going through the testing of their faith in the form of despair or depression today.

Look down in pity and mercy on all who are struggling in this way. Bring peace and comfort I pray, to all who are facing the pain that depression brings, and reach down in Your love to touch each life and to draw them back into Your loving arms of forgiveness and grace. We ask this in the lovely name of Jesus,


Prayer For Grace And Mercy Every Day

Dear God, I am asking that Your grace and mercy would continue to follow me all the days of my life, as You have promised in You Word. Teach me to understand Your ways and grant me wisdom I pray, to live my life in a way that is pleasing and honouring to You.
Thank You, that You are my Shepherd and how I praise You for Your day-by-day provision and for the comfort and joy that You have brought into my life.
Thank You for always being there for me, to lead and to guide, to protect and to comfort, even when I falter and fail. Thank You for Your rod of discipline and Your staff of comfort, which have proved to be such a solace in time of need.
Grant me Your mercy and grace to live my life to the full, and to carry out the work and witness that You have prepared for me to do. Refresh my soul and revive my spirit with streams in the desert, and continue to pour out Your bountiful grace and never-failing mercy, which is new every morning, great is Your faithfulness, praise Your holy name. In Jesus' name I pray,

Have Mercy On My Unsaved Husband

Dear Lord, have mercy on my unsaved husband. I pray that he will come to full and free salvation. Have mercy on him Lord, and draw him to Yourself with Your cords of love, I pray. Help him to see the destructive nature of sin, and I pray that he will repent and turn to the cross of Christ.

Give me patience to wait for Your best timing and wisdom so that I know when to speak and when to remain silent about You. Thank You that it is not your will that my husband would perish, and I pray that Your will be done in his life. I ask this in the name of Jesus,


A Cry For Mercy

Oh God our Father and Creator of all, we bless and thank You that you are ruler over all and that nothing happens that You do not permit for Your greater glory. We thank You for the many blessings that You shower on the children of men, which are over and above all that we could ask or think or deserve.

Lord, we have walked away from Your laws and Your statutes. We have not loved You as we should. We have blasphemed Your works and Your ways. We have turned our backs against the glorious salvation that You have offered to each member of this rebellious race, through Your grace and favour. We have poured scorn on the Your loving-kindness and tender mercy that You extend to us day by day, and which is new every morning. We have rejected the gospel of grace and treated the sacrifice of Your only begotten Son with contempt, and we are worthy of nothing but Your wrath and fiery judgement. Father, we have sinned against heaven and before Your face and are no longer worthy to receive Your grace or forgiveness.

But Lord, You are a gracious God, long-suffering and of great mercy and we cry out to You today for our own rebellions sins and the sins of the prideful nations, which ascend to you as a putrid cloud of dark blackness. Lord, we plead Your mercy

Forgive us we pray. Forgive our neglect and our rebellion. Forgive our indifference and our pride. Forgive our unthankful hearts and our foolish ways. We are not worthy to seek Your mercy nor to beg Your forgiveness for we have been a rebellions people and the nations have unanimously turned their backs on Your will and Your ways. But look down in compassion on the human race, for we are the work of Your hand and Your Son died to redeem mankind form the pit of hell. Hear us oh Lord, as we plead for forgiveness for our many transgressions and for the sins of our own nations. Oh Lord forgive. Oh Lord have mercy. Oh Lord hear our plea and let our cry come unto to You and heal us we pray. Turn the hearts of the fools who have said in their heart there is no God, back to their Creator. Humble the hearts of rebellions men so that they see Your face and are saved. In Jesus name we pray,


Prayer For Mercy For The Nations

Father, You alone are the almighty God Who is abounding in mercy and loving-kindness. Father, You have shown great patience and long-suffering to so many people down through the centuries and yet we know that Your justified and perfect wrath will one day fall on the nations of this world if we continue to disobey Your laws and turn our backs on the God of our Salvation and His anointed Christ and Saviour Son.

Lord, we have strayed far away from Your ways and have become like a flock of straying sheep without a shepherd. Lord, we have become a rebellious people and we have followed the devises and desires of our own hearts and indulged in the sinful lusts of our fallen flesh. We are not worthy to be called your children. Lord, we confess that we have offended a holy God and we have disregarded Your holy ways. We have been quick to follow in the paths of unrighteousness and have wandered far away from the road of righteousness, that You in Your grace have designed for us to walk in, and Lord, there is no health in us, nor do we deserve Your pity or Your kindness.

But Lord, You have proved down through the centuries that You are a forgiving God and a God of tender-kindness. Slow to anger and of great long-suffering mercies. Oh Lord, we confess our faults and failings, our sins and our rebellions prideful hearts and we pray that You would restore us.

Forgive us Lord, and teach us Your ways. Raise us up again to be a nation that loves and trusts You, and Lord, we pray that one day very soon, You would send You Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to come and take up His eternal rule on earth. Lord, we pray for that day when the earth will be filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea.

Lord, in Your justice remember mercy we pray. Pity Your creation and draw many out of the miry clay back into Your arms of loving forgiveness. In Jesus' name,


Prayer Of Thanks For God’s Mercy

Dear Father God, I praise and thank You for Your loving-kindness and great mercy which is new every morning and remains steadfast and sure throughout the day, to strengthen and hold. Thank You for the glory of the cross, knowing that I was a estranged from Your heart of love and an outcast from the kingdom of heaven. Words cannot describe the wonderment that You sent Your only begotten Son to come to earth as a Man, to live a life of rejection and sorrow, and to suffer and die for me on the cross of Calvary, so that I might be forgiven of all my sins and live with You eternally in heaven.

Thank You, Father, that although I was unworthy to approach You glorious throne, and enslaved in the kingdom of darkness, yet in Your mercy and grace You stooped down to me and lifted me out of the Satan's bondage and from the cesspit of sin, and seated me together with Christ in heavenly places and showered me with Your undeserved grace and favour. Thank You, that I am now one of Your redeemed children. In Jesus' name I pray,


A Prayer To Develop Mercy Towards Others

Father in heaven, I stand amazed at the great mercy and grace that You have shown towards a fallen race of sinners. By rights, we should be eternally separated from Your holiness and goodness, for we have rebelled against You in thought, word and deed. And yet in loving-kindness and tender-pity, You reached down to fallen humanity and lifted us up and seated us together with Your dearly beloved Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ, Who died that we might live. Thank You for Your incredible forgiveness and Your amazing grace towards us.

Father, I pray that You would light a spark of true forgiveness and mercy in my heart towards all those that have harmed or hurt us, whether deliberately or unintentionally, knowing that it is not only Your will for us to show godly mercy towards others but also that we become equal beneficiaries, when our heart is flooded with mercy and forgiveness. Root out I pray, any lingering bitterness or malice that is lurking within my heart and may the godly fruit of mercy and love bud and blossom into the true fruit of righteousness, to Your honour and glory. This I ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord,


Prayer For All Who Show God’s Mercy

Father, we live in a world where there are so many hurting people that at times it can become overwhelming and we find ourselves stepping back, and almost hoping that the problem will go away. And yet Jesus demonstrated a life that overflowed with deep-compassion and tender-mercy towards all those that were wounded and abused, troubled or hurt. Help us to stretch out a willing arm of comfort, when we see other people hurting or in pain, and may we extend a godly mercy that only comes from You, to those that are the unlovely or the unlovable.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ become our inner clothing and may the love of the Father be the outer garment that we wear, so that by Your Spirit we may be empowered to bless and help all those with whom we come in contact. May all we say and do be a witness to the grace and mercy of God and we pray that You would give us opportunities to minister Your mercy and love to Your praise and glory. In Jesus' name we pray,


Prayer Of Repentance For God's Mercy

Father, my heart cries out to You for mercy and grace, knowing that there is nothing that commends me to You and there is nothing that I can do to warrant Your forgiveness, except in the cross of Christ Jesus my Lord. Father, my sins testify against me, for my heart is bruised and bloodied and there is no health in me whatsoever. All too often my thoughts are dirty thoughts, which are not honouring to a holy God. And too frequently my thoughts are translated into foul words and actions that contradict my union in Christ and my position as a child of God. For although I have trusted Christ as my Saviour, I have sinned against You in thought, word and deed and am no longer worthy to be called Your child.

Lord, I have sinned against You and I confess my sins before You. My heart's desire is to turn right away from all my sin and back to You. Back to my first love, my Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You, that Your mercy towards me never fails. Thank You, that Your loving-kindness towards me and all Your children, is new every morning. Thank You, that even though I prove faithless, You remain faithful to the promises that You have made to me, that whosoever believes in Jesus will not perish, but have everlasting life. Thank You, that Christ's death on the cross has washed away all my sins, past, present and future. Lord, from this day forward, help me to learn to take every thought captive and give it to You, and wash my heart clean and pure so that I live and work to Your honour and glory. In Jesus' precious name, I pray,


A Prayer To Be A Vessel Of Mercy

Heavenly Father, thank You that by Your Holy Spirit, You have bestowed on each of Your children different spiritual gifts, (or just one special gift..) and that by Your grace our gifts are to be used for the encouragement and edification of the whole body of Christ. Thank You, Lord, for the way that You have gifted each of us in a very special and precious way, enabling us, by Your grace, to make a unique contribution to the furtherance of Your plans and purposes in the body of Christ, that He is all in all. Father, You have given me a special heart of love toward my brothers and sisters in Christ, and although I am not gifted to teach, or to carry out some of the more overt gifts of the Spirit, I do wonder if You are developing in me the precious gift of encouragement, mercy and love towards my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Lord, I pray that if You are taking me down this route, that You would use me as a sanctified vessel, that not only to pours out mercy and love without measure on other people, but that You would use me to encourage others to show the same mercy and forgiveness to their brothers and sisters in the body of Christ, and in the wider world beyond. Lord, I know that in and of myself I have nothing that commends me for this special ministry of mercy and edification, for I know that without Christ I can do nothing. But praise God that in Christ I can do all things, for He gives me the strength. May I be pliable clay in the Potter's hand and permit You to shape me into the person that You would have me be. Use me in Your way and in Your time to Your praise and glory. In Jesus' name I pray,