Prayer For Mercy For The Nations

Father You alone are the almighty God Who is abounding in mercy and loving-kindness. Father You have shown great patience and long-suffering to so many people down through the centuries and yet we know that Your justified and perfect wrath will one day fall on the nations of this world if we continue to disobey Your laws and turn our backs on the God of our Salvation and His anointed Christ and Saviour Son.

Lord we have strayed far away from Your ways and have become like a flock of straying sheep without a shepherd. Lord we have become a rebellions people and we have followed the devises and desires of our own hearts and indulged in the sinful lusts of our fallen flesh - and we are not worthy to be called your children. Lord we confess that we have offended a holy God and we have disregarded Your holy ways. We have been quick to follow in the paths of unrighteousness and have wandered far away from the road of righteousness.. that You in Your grace have designed for us to walk in - and Lord, there is no health in us, nor do we deserve Your pity or Your kindness…

But Lord You have proved down through the centuries that You are a forgiving God and a God of tender-kindness and slow to anger and of great long-suffering mercies. Oh Lord we confess our faults and failings – our sins and our rebellions prideful hearts and we pray that You would restore us - although we do not deserve to be thrown a single crumb of Your purified grace not do we deserve to so much as raise our eyes in Your pure direction.

But forgive us Lord and teach us Your ways. Raise us up again to be a nation that loves and trusts You – and Lord we pray that one day very soon, You would send You Son - the Lord Jesus Christ, to come and take up His eternal rule on earth. Lord we pray for that day when the earth will be filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea… but Lord in Your justice remember mercy we pray….

Pity You creation Lord and draw many out of the miry clay back into Your arms of loving forgiveness we pray - in Jesus name,