Prayers for the Nations

A Prayer For Forgiveness

Lord, I know that the nation whose God is the Lord is a blessed nation indeed, and yet I know that the nations in general and my own nation in particular, have turned their backs on You who made us and redeemed us with the precious blood of Your only begotten Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.

We have failed miserably as we sought to live our lives apart from You. We have fallen deeper into moral decay and degenerated into a spiritual void that only You can lighten and heal. Convict us Lord both individually and nationally of our need to turn to You, for You alone are the answer to our shocking downward spiral. I pray that individually and nationally we may turn from our sins, repent of the way that we have walked away from the fountain of life and carved our stagnant cisterns in the putrefying rocks-pools of fallen humanity. May we look to Jesus as our health and healer, for there is no health in us.

Look down in pity on us, for we are lost and miserable offenders, who deserve not your pity but Your judgement. Create in us a clean heart, with purified thoughts and a penitent disposition. Father, we do not deserve Your mercy but Lord, I plead Your pity over our hopeless nations and pray that You would restore to us the joy of our salvation, according to Your great mercy and loving-kindness. Help us all to repent, return and remember all that Christ has done on the cross of Calvary for every member of the human race. Lord, turn the hearts of sinners to their Saviour so that they may be delivered from this sin sick world. In Jesus' name,


A Cry For Mercy

Oh God our Father and Creator of all, we bless and thank You that you are ruler over all and that nothing happens that You do not permit for Your greater glory. We thank You for the many blessings that You shower on the children of men, which are over and above all that we could ask or think or deserve.

Lord, we have walked away from Your laws and Your statutes. We have not loved You as we should. We have blasphemed Your works and Your ways. We have turned our backs against the glorious salvation that You have offered to each member of this rebellious race, through Your grace and favour. We have poured scorn on the Your loving-kindness and tender mercy that You extend to us day by day, and which is new every morning. We have rejected the gospel of grace and treated the sacrifice of Your only begotten Son with contempt, and we are worthy of nothing but Your wrath and fiery judgement. Father, we have sinned against heaven and before Your face and are no longer worthy to receive Your grace or forgiveness.

But Lord, You are a gracious God, long-suffering and of great mercy and we cry out to You today for our own rebellions sins and the sins of the prideful nations, which ascend to you as a putrid cloud of dark blackness. Lord, we plead Your mercy

Forgive us we pray. Forgive our neglect and our rebellion. Forgive our indifference and our pride. Forgive our unthankful hearts and our foolish ways. We are not worthy to seek Your mercy nor to beg Your forgiveness for we have been a rebellions people and the nations have unanimously turned their backs on Your will and Your ways. But look down in compassion on the human race, for we are the work of Your hand and Your Son died to redeem mankind form the pit of hell. Hear us oh Lord, as we plead for forgiveness for our many transgressions and for the sins of our own nations. Oh Lord forgive. Oh Lord have mercy. Oh Lord hear our plea and let our cry come unto to You and heal us we pray. Turn the hearts of the fools who have said in their heart there is no God, back to their Creator. Humble the hearts of rebellions men so that they see Your face and are saved. In Jesus name we pray,


Prayer For All People, For Kings And Governors

Heavenly Father, we are called upon to offer supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings for all people, including kings, presidents and princes, and indeed for all those that are in high positions of power in local and national government and other nescessary positions of authority.

Lord, we pray that You would look down in grace and mercy on those that are governing the nations of the world, and our own nations in particular. Guide those who are responsible for making national decisions and establishing national and local laws, so that as a nation we honour Your name. And guide us all in Your grace so that we may honour You in our nation, and live quiet, peaceful and godly lives that are honouring to You.

Lord, we ask that You would oversee the decisions that are made in high places and especially pray that you would frustrate discussions and decision that are made in secret places, which are outside of Your desires for our nation. Thwart the plans of unscrupulous men and women we pray, and turn them for Your greater good. Look down we pray on all kings, presidents, princes, and those in authority over the nations, may Your will be done, Your kingdom come, to Your praise and Your glory. In Jesus' name,


Prayer For Mercy For The Nations

Father, You alone are the almighty God Who is abounding in mercy and loving-kindness. Father, You have shown great patience and long-suffering to so many people down through the centuries and yet we know that Your justified and perfect wrath will one day fall on the nations of this world if we continue to disobey Your laws and turn our backs on the God of our Salvation and His anointed Christ and Saviour Son.

Lord, we have strayed far away from Your ways and have become like a flock of straying sheep without a shepherd. Lord, we have become a rebellious people and we have followed the devises and desires of our own hearts and indulged in the sinful lusts of our fallen flesh. We are not worthy to be called your children. Lord, we confess that we have offended a holy God and we have disregarded Your holy ways. We have been quick to follow in the paths of unrighteousness and have wandered far away from the road of righteousness, that You in Your grace have designed for us to walk in, and Lord, there is no health in us, nor do we deserve Your pity or Your kindness.

But Lord, You have proved down through the centuries that You are a forgiving God and a God of tender-kindness. Slow to anger and of great long-suffering mercies. Oh Lord, we confess our faults and failings, our sins and our rebellions prideful hearts and we pray that You would restore us.

Forgive us Lord, and teach us Your ways. Raise us up again to be a nation that loves and trusts You, and Lord, we pray that one day very soon, You would send You Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to come and take up His eternal rule on earth. Lord, we pray for that day when the earth will be filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea.

Lord, in Your justice remember mercy we pray. Pity Your creation and draw many out of the miry clay back into Your arms of loving forgiveness. In Jesus' name,


Prayer For Wisdom For Our Rulers

Heavenly Father, we know that You are the Lord and God Who appoints and removes those in authority. Father, we bring before You our own nations and pray that You would raise up and put down those men and women in our own nation that will further Your plans and purposes in our nation and throughout the wider international perspective.

Give wisdom we pray, to all those that You have appointed to be the governors and rulers of our own nation in particular and throughout the whole world in general. Give us wisdom to understand the times in which we live, and prepare us for all that we may have to face in the in foreseeable future.

Loving Lord, we know that there are many places of darkness and wickedness. Many nations that have adopted an anti-God agenda and that many of Your children are living in nations that are facing severe persecution and dangers. Thank You, that He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world, and we pray for all our brothers and sisters throughout the nations that are facing any from or persecution, because of the faith in Jesus Christ. Give them courage and uphold each one with the power of You might right hand.

Lord, we know that the nations in general and the leaders that You have placed in control are for the most part turning their backs on the true and living Way, and progressing the people in their lands down a path towards Your wrath and their destruction.

Look down in pity on all peoples throughout the nations. Search the hearts of all people we pray, and draw those that are seeking You into a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pity the people of the nations, and we pray that despite the mounting grief and tragedy in so many places on earth, that Your will be done, and that You would save many people form the jaws of death and destruction by the might of Your power. Lord, You are our God and we trust You. Shall not the God of all the world do right? Yes indeed, praise Your holy name,