Prayer For Wisdom For Our Rulers

Heavenly Father, we know that You are the Lord and God Who appoints and removes those in authority. Father, we bring before You our own nations and pray that You would raise up and put down those men and women in our own nation that will further Your plans and purposes in our nation and throughout the wider international perspective.

Give wisdom we pray, to all those that You have appointed to be the governors and rulers of our own nation in particular and throughout the whole world in general. Give us wisdom to understand the times in which we live, and prepare us for all that we may have to face in the in foreseeable future.

Loving Lord, we know that there are many places of darkness and wickedness. Many nations that have adopted an anti-God agenda and that many of Your children are living in nations that are facing severe persecution and dangers. Thank You, that He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world, and we pray for all our brothers and sisters throughout the nations that are facing any from or persecution, because of the faith in Jesus Christ. Give them courage and uphold each one with the power of You might right hand.

Lord, we know that the nations in general and the leaders that You have placed in control are for the most part turning their backs on the true and living Way, and progressing the people in their lands down a path towards Your wrath and their destruction.

Look down in pity on all peoples throughout the nations. Search the hearts of all people we pray, and draw those that are seeking You into a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pity the people of the nations, and we pray that despite the mounting grief and tragedy in so many places on earth, that Your will be done, and that You would save many people form the jaws of death and destruction by the might of Your power. Lord, You are our God and we trust You. Shall not the God of all the world do right? Yes indeed, praise Your holy name,