A Cry For Mercy

Oh God our Father and Creator of all, we bless and thank You that you are ruler over all and that nothing happens that You do not permit for Your greater glory. We thank You for the many blessings that You shower on the children of men, which are over and above all that we could ask or think or deserve.

Lord, we have walked away from Your laws and Your statutes. We have not loved You as we should. We have blasphemed Your works and Your ways. We have turned our backs against the glorious salvation that You have offered to each member of this rebellious race, through Your grace and favour. We have poured scorn on the Your loving-kindness and tender mercy that You extend to us day by day, and which is new every morning. We have rejected the gospel of grace and treated the sacrifice of Your only begotten Son with contempt, and we are worthy of nothing but Your wrath and fiery judgement. Father, we have sinned against heaven and before Your face and are no longer worthy to receive Your grace or forgiveness.

But Lord, You are a gracious God, long-suffering and of great mercy and we cry out to You today for our own rebellions sins and the sins of the prideful nations, which ascend to you as a putrid cloud of dark blackness. Lord, we plead Your mercy

Forgive us we pray. Forgive our neglect and our rebellion. Forgive our indifference and our pride. Forgive our unthankful hearts and our foolish ways. We are not worthy to seek Your mercy nor to beg Your forgiveness for we have been a rebellions people and the nations have unanimously turned their backs on Your will and Your ways. But look down in compassion on the human race, for we are the work of Your hand and Your Son died to redeem mankind form the pit of hell. Hear us oh Lord, as we plead for forgiveness for our many transgressions and for the sins of our own nations. Oh Lord forgive. Oh Lord have mercy. Oh Lord hear our plea and let our cry come unto to You and heal us we pray. Turn the hearts of the fools who have said in their heart there is no God, back to their Creator. Humble the hearts of rebellions men so that they see Your face and are saved. In Jesus name we pray,