A Prayer For Forgiveness

Lord, I know that the nation whose God is the Lord is a blessed nation indeed, and yet I know that the nations in general and my own nation in particular, have turned their backs on You who made us and redeemed us with the precious blood of Your only begotten Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.

We have failed miserably as we sought to live our lives apart from You. We have fallen deeper into moral decay and degenerated into a spiritual void that only You can lighten and heal. Convict us Lord both individually and nationally of our need to turn to You, for You alone are the answer to our shocking downward spiral. I pray that individually and nationally we may turn from our sins, repent of the way that we have walked away from the fountain of life and carved our stagnant cisterns in the putrefying rocks-pools of fallen humanity. May we look to Jesus as our health and healer, for there is no health in us.

Look down in pity on us, for we are lost and miserable offenders, who deserve not your pity but Your judgement. Create in us a clean heart, with purified thoughts and a penitent disposition. Father, we do not deserve Your mercy but Lord, I plead Your pity over our hopeless nations and pray that You would restore to us the joy of our salvation, according to Your great mercy and loving-kindness. Help us all to repent, return and remember all that Christ has done on the cross of Calvary for every member of the human race. Lord, turn the hearts of sinners to their Saviour so that they may be delivered from this sin sick world. In Jesus' name,