Prayer For All People, For Kings And Governors

Heavenly Father, we are called upon to offer supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings for all people, including kings, presidents and princes, and indeed for all those that are in high positions of power in local and national government and other nescessary positions of authority.

Lord, we pray that You would look down in grace and mercy on those that are governing the nations of the world, and our own nations in particular. Guide those who are responsible for making national decisions and establishing national and local laws, so that as a nation we honour Your name. And guide us all in Your grace so that we may honour You in our nation, and live quiet, peaceful and godly lives that are honouring to You.

Lord, we ask that You would oversee the decisions that are made in high places and especially pray that you would frustrate discussions and decision that are made in secret places, which are outside of Your desires for our nation. Thwart the plans of unscrupulous men and women we pray, and turn them for Your greater good. Look down we pray on all kings, presidents, princes, and those in authority over the nations, may Your will be done, Your kingdom come, to Your praise and Your glory. In Jesus' name,