A Prayer To Be A Vessel Of Mercy

Heavenly Father, thank You that by Your Holy Spirit, You have bestowed on each of Your children different spiritual gifts, (or just one special gift..) and that by Your grace our gifts are to be used for the encouragement and edification of the whole body of Christ. Thank You, Lord, for the way that You have gifted each of us in a very special and precious way, enabling us, by Your grace, to make a unique contribution to the furtherance of Your plans and purposes in the body of Christ, that He is all in all. Father, You have given me a special heart of love toward my brothers and sisters in Christ, and although I am not gifted to teach, or to carry out some of the more overt gifts of the Spirit, I do wonder if You are developing in me the precious gift of encouragement, mercy and love towards my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Lord, I pray that if You are taking me down this route, that You would use me as a sanctified vessel, that not only to pours out mercy and love without measure on other people, but that You would use me to encourage others to show the same mercy and forgiveness to their brothers and sisters in the body of Christ, and in the wider world beyond. Lord, I know that in and of myself I have nothing that commends me for this special ministry of mercy and edification, for I know that without Christ I can do nothing. But praise God that in Christ I can do all things, for He gives me the strength. May I be pliable clay in the Potter's hand and permit You to shape me into the person that You would have me be. Use me in Your way and in Your time to Your praise and glory. In Jesus' name I pray,