A Prayer To Develop Mercy Towards Others

Father in heaven, we stand amazed at the great mercy and grace that You have shown towards a fallen race of sinners. By rights we should be eternal separated from Your holiness and goodness - for we have rebelled against You in thought, word and deed.. and yet in loving-kindness and tender-pity, You reached down to fallen humanity and lifted us up and seated us together with Your dearly beloved Son, our Saviour - Jesus Christ, Who died that we might live. Thank You for Your incredible forgiveness and Your amazing grace towards us.

Father I pray that You would light a spark of true forgiveness and mercy in my heart.. towards all those that have harmed or hurt us, whether deliberately or unintentionally, knowing that it is not only Your will for us to show godly mercy towards others but also that we become equal beneficiaries.. when our heart is flooded with mercy and forgiveness. Root out I pray any lingering bitterness or malice that is lurking within my heart and may the godly fruit of mercy and love bud and blossom into the true fruit of righteousness - to Your honour and glory. This I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord,